More information is released about one of the passengers of the deadly limousine fire near San Francisco;  Syria hints at retaliation after taking a battering from Israel;  And Bangladesh gets worse.

One of the women killed in the Limousine Fire near San Francisco was the bride on her way to her bachelorette party.  Five of the women were trapped in the back when it burst into flames while on a bridge spanning the San Francisco Bay.  Four other women and the driver got out.

Hungary’s Prime Minister addressed the World Jewish Congress (WJC) in Budapest, acknowledging that anti-Semitism is on the rise in his country.  But Viktor Orban claimed his government has a zero-tolerance policy for it.  This came a day after the third-largest political party in Hungary staged a blatantly anti-Semitic protest against the WJC meeting, which Orban did not prevent..

Syria is threatening Israel, saying that “all options” are open to retaliate for two massive Israeli airstrikes on the Bashar al-Assad regime.  Israeli warplanes targeted a shipment of missiles allegedly destined for Hezbollah and a rocket targeted a military research station outside Damascus.  Israel has deployed two “Iron Dome” anti-missile batteries to its northern border.

Human Rights groups are criticizing a new law in Libya that bans former officials from the Ghaddafi era from holding public office again.  The new rules could effect the current government, including Prime Minister and the legislative speaker.  Critics say the law is too broad and could exclude anyone who did government work from 1969 to 2011.  And it doesn’t specify how long such people are to be excluded.

The death toll from the Dhaka Building Collapse has surpassed 600 lives lost.  Authorities say a preliminary investigation showed Rana Plaza caved in because of illegally installed machinery that caused vibrations that weakened the structure.

As if the Bangladeshi government didn’t have its hands filled with the building collapsed, Islamist militants rioted in the capital to demand the government adopt stricter religious policies, including the hanging of Atheists.  Police responded with rubber bullets and stun grenades.  At least seven people were killed and dozens are injured.

Hunters in Russia found the wreckage of a plane crash in the Ural Mountains with eleven bodies nearby.  The AN-2 Biplane had taken off without permission last June, authorities suspect the pilot was out for a joy ride with some people he had been drinking with.  Despite a five-month search covering a million square kilometers, the wreckage escaped detection until this weekend.  Thirteen people were believed to have been on the plane, meaning two bodies are still missing.

Japan, South Korea, and China have agreed to set up a trilateral panel to address cross-border air pollution, including hazardous particulate matter measuring below 2.5 microns that is believed to be blowing over from China factories.  However, many political observers believe strained bilateral ties between Beijing and Tokyo over an ongoing territorial dispute and following recent visits to a controversial war-linked shrine by Japanese Cabinet ministers will overshadow the environmental panel.