South Korea’s Yonhap News Agengy is reporting that the North has shifted the positions of two mobile launchers holding missiles in advance of what is widely expected to be at least one launch very soon.

The Kim Regime has has moved two Musudan intermediate-range missiles in and out of a shed in the eastern port city of Wonsan.  There are also as many as five suspected transporter erector launchers (TEL), also spotted being moved around the area in in South Hamgyeong Province.

The shell game is intended to fatigue the intelligence agencies of the US, South Korea, and Japan, and trick them into missing the exact moment of launch.

Assuming they even work as designed, the Musudan missiles have a range of up to 4,000 kilometers, putting South Korea, Japan, and even the US military base in Guam within its strike zone.

Security officials in Seoul officials say there’s a good chance that North Korea could fire off a missile around 15 April to mark the birthday of late founding leader Kim Il-sung, grandfather of the current ruler Kim Jong-un.