Oscar Pistorius and South African prosecutors are offering radically different theories about the shooting death of his girlfriend, model and TV personality Reeva Steenkamp.  He denies premeditation, however does not deny that he shot her to death.

Authorities formally charged he double amputee Olympic track star known as the “Blade Runner” with Premeditated Murder.  Prosecutors say he rose from the couple’s bed, put on his prosthetic legs and retrieved a 9 millimeter weapon from underneath his mattress, walking more than 6 meters to the bathroom, pumping 4 shots through the locked door.

Through his lawyer, Pistorius says he had been afraid of break-ins and had received threats in the past, that he felt vulnerable without his prosthetic legs when he heard a noise in the bathroom and believed it to be an intruder.  It was only after opening fire that he realized that Steenkamp was not in the couple’s bed. 

As for the bloody cricket bat found at the scene, he claims he used it to bash through the door to find Steenkamp’s body.  Police have also said that Reeva Steenkamp's iPad will be evidence in the case. 

The judge put off until Wednesday a decision on whether Pistorius would be released on bail pending trial.  If convicted, Pistorius faces a maximum of life in prison.