Anger over the deaths of three Palestinians in Israeli jails bubbled over on the streets of Hebron in the West Bank.  Demonstrators are particularly upset over the death of a 64-year old man who they say was denied proper care for throat cancer.

Maysara Abu-Hamdiya was buried in Hebron's Martyr's Cemetery on Thursday.  But his funeral procession quickly degenerating into a rock- and petrol bomb-throwing situation against Israeli IDF forces.

Mr. Hamdiya's sister said the man’s hands and feet were tied to the bed, even though he was too sick to move. 

“He received no proper treatment at all and he was suffering severely from pain in his throat, “she said, adding, “he asked to see specialists but they refused.”

Hamdiya’s lawyer said that despite suffering throat pain since August, he wasn’t moved into a prison hospital ward until January, and wasn’t moved to a proper hospital last month.

Maysara Abu-Hamdiya was serving a life term for attempted murder in a failed suicide bombing at a café in Jerusalem in 2002.

Israel holds thousands of Palestinian prisoners in its jail, and the Palestinian Authority says 1,500 of them are in need of medical treatment.