The United Nations Security Council Voted to slam North Korea with punishing economic sanctions for last month’s nuclear bomb test, despite Pyongyang’s threat to unleash a preemptive nuclear strike on its enemies.

The United States worked closely with China, North Korea’s ally that’s rapidly distancing itself from the Hermit Kingdom, on the new sanctions.  All 15 members of Security Council approved the plan, which hits North Korean leaders in their egos, ending their ability to import luxury yachts and racing cars.  Sanctions also include tightened financial restrictions to limit the Kim regime's ability to purchase anything related to its nuclear program, to cargo inspections of ships in and out of Pyongyang.

Experts say North Korea has a long, colorful history of issuing blustery and apocalyptic threats without ever carrying them out.  But North Korea is dangerous, often striking out beyond its borders in the form of shelling South Korean territory, attacking ships, and in the past kidnapping citizens from other nations.