Furious French are demanding the authorities do something about Vultures in the Pyrenees after the ravenous scavengers devoured a woman who fell down a mountain before the body was retrieved.

The 52-year old woman slipped and fell down the slope at Pic de la Pista while hiking with friends.  It’s unclear how much time elapsed between her fall and when emergency services reached the body.

But when they did get there, “There were only bones, clothes and shoes left,” according to gendarmerie Major Didier Pericou.  He added it is certain that the woman died in the fall.

Locals have been complaining about the birds for a while.  Authorities had ordered farmers to immediately bury carcasses of dead animals so that the Griffon Vultures don’t have anything to eat.  But the farmers say the big birds, with a wingspan of just fewer than three meters, are now attacking live cattle and sheep as a result.  They want the right to shoot the vultures to protect their animals.