Two countries will investigate two suspicious deaths of two historically significant men - The Vatican interregnum continues - And who’d have thought Shanghai even HAD that many dead pigs?  Yep, it got a LOT worse.  
All that, the angry dad at a Macca's near Perth, and a lot more:

Roman Catholic Cardinals will meet for the second day of the Conclave to pick a new Pope.  Yesterday’s balloting ended with a puff of black smoke rising from the Vatican chimney, indicating that they didn’t reach a decision. 

The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California will pay out $10 million to settle four sex abuse cases.  Internal documents show that Cardinal Roger Mahony knew a priest had abused children, but still Mahony kept the man in a priests’ collar.  Mahony is one of the Cardinals voting for a new Pope.

Shanghai has now pulled almost 6,000 dead pigs out of the river that provides the metropolis with its drinking water.  But officials say the water quality still meets government standards.  Needless to say, some folks doubt that and the hashtag “#Huangpu River Dead Pigs” is rising steadily on China’s Weibo social networking website.

Venezuela will investigate if the late President Hugo Chavez was murdered by foreign agents, as hinted at by Chavez before he died and his allies afterwards.  Some government officials compare the case to the death of Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat:  Tests are still be carried out to see if Arafat was killed by radioactive poison.

Chile next month will exhume the body of Pablo Neruda to determine how he died.  The body of the Nobel Prize-winning poet was found days after the violent, U.S.-backed coup d’etat that replaced Neruda’s friend, popularly-elected Socialist President Salvador Allende with the murderous military dictator Augusto Pinochet.

The group “Save the Children” claims both sides of the Syrian civil war are recruiting children to do their dirty work.  Kids are being used as porters, informers, fighters, and human shields.  Beyond direct involvement, the war is hurting Syria’s children by destroying their homes and schools, and spreading disease as public sanitation breaks down.

A Perth dad is the most famous McDonald’s customer in the world.  The video of the man chastising a pair of really, really drunk young women at a restaurant in Innaloo, WA has gone viral.  As in, “worldwide” viral.  He says he feels bad about it, mostly because the two young women are now drawing a lot of negative remarks from the international Internet commentariat, also known as “trolls”.