Police are learning more about the death of an Australian man in Florida;  Thousands protest the impending legalization of Gay Marriage in France;  And someone left a macabre warning against crime on a roadside in Mexico.

Police in Florida are talking with a “person of interest” in the death of 22-year old Mahmoud “Mike” Arabi from Melbourne, VIC.  He had traveled to America for an internship at Walt Disney World, but was run down by a car last week.  The car has been identified and the owner is reportedly cooperating with police.

The bodies of seven men were found in the western Mexican state of Michoacán, each shot in the head, each propped up in a plastic chair and lined up on the side of a road. A placard nailed to one of the bodies with an ice pick reads: "Warning! This will happen to thieves, kidnappers, sex offenders and extortionists".  Much of Mexico is awash in violence attributed to the drug cartels.

Riot Police in Paris pushed back crowds who strayed from a large protest against Marriage Equality.  France’s lower house of parliament approved Gay Marriage and Adoption rights last month, and the upper house is expected to approve it next month.  The protesters in the heavily Roman Catholic nation say they don’t like all that impending freedom, and claim they’re acting in the interests of children.  Seems to me they're outnumbered by the French voters who put President Francoise Hollande's Socialist Party in majorities of both houses on a platform that included Equality.  But hey.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi issued a vague warning of a possible crackdown.  Hundreds of people were hurt last week in clashes between supporters and opponents of his ruling Muslim Brotherhood.  Morsi is now claiming he has the ”right to impose exceptional measures to restore domestic order.”

Israel says it fired a missile into Syria, destroying a Syrian machine gun nest in Tel Fares.  This was in response to gunfire from that location spilling over across the Golan Heights into Israel earlier in the day.  Syrian Rebels were also operating in that area recently, so the government troops need to be careful of what they're shooting at.

A Japanese teen is accused of murdering his mother and chopping her body up, leaving the 15 sections in the bathtub in their home in a Tokyo Suburb.  The wayward youth reportedly told investigators he didn’t like her (duh) and he wanted to learn about dissection (yuck).  Ay 19 years old, there's a good chance he'll be charged as a juvenile and ineligible for serious punishment.

New Zealand police so far will not charge a mother who left her newborn baby locked inside of a car while she went shopping.  The photo of the baby, wrapped up in a blanket and it its car seat, sparked outrage on facebook.  A note was left on top saying to call the mom if there are any issues.  Investigators say they have to receive a formal complaint of someone who was there, and so far, no one has stepped forward.

New Zealand is cutting back on the prostitution a bit.  Foreign students are now banned from working in the sex trade.  There are about 70 thousand foreign students in NZ and many have to take part time jobs (not what their parents had in mind...).  Prostitution was decriminalized in New Zealand in 2003.