A hunger strike is spreading at America’s most-notorious military prison;  No foul play in a Russian tycoon’s death, but plenty of dead fowl in China;  Brazilian Grocery store take a stand to protect the dwindling rain forest.

The US Navy is admitting more inmates are joining the hunger strike at Gitmo.  Officially, 28 inmates at the US military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are now refusing food, up from 21 a week earlier.  But defense lawyers who’ve visited the camp say a majority of the 166 inmates are taking part.  Many of those inmates have been held for a decade without a trial.

Exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky died from hanging, and police in Berkshire UK say there’s no evidence of third-party involvement.  Berezovsky had reportedly lost almost all of his money and was in poor spirits.  But there was concern about his death on Saturday at 67 years because of his bitter political feud with Russian president Vladimir Putin, whose enemies tend to die before their time.  Toxicology tests won’t be complete for several weeks.

A Brazilian Supermarket Association says its 2,800 members will no longer sell beef from cattle raised in the rainforest.  This is to discourage the illegal clearing of rainforest to make room for cattle and soy plantations to feed China's livestock, both of which Greenpeace says are the major cause of deforestation in the region.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is accusing the opposition of planning to sabotage the elections in three weeks:  He claims they’ll tamper with the country's power grid and interrupt food distribution.  Maduro offered no evidence of these allegations.

Anti-Muslim rioting is getting worse in central Myanmar, where 30 people have died since last Wednesday.  In the latest attack, 300 people raged against a mosque and Muslim-owned shops and houses in a town 50 miles north of Yangon.

Remember the dead pigs found in the river providing Shanghai’s drinking water supply?  Well, the municipal government is now admitting more than 16 THOUSAND dead swine have been pulled from the Huangpu River.  And now there’s word on the other side of China, in Sichuan province, more than a thousand dead ducks were cleaned from a river (stuffed in bags, and that is not how you make a pillow).  China’s blogs and social media are aflame with comments wondering if economic expansion is worth all this.

Zambia’s ex-President Rupiah Banda has been arrested and charged with lining his pockets with more than $11 Million during his 3 years in office.  At issue is a bad oil deal with Nigeria, but the administration that replaced Banda’s has been busy investigating high profile deals which all seemed to enrich Mr. Banda.

Clive Mantle, who played “Greatjon Umber” in the US TV Drama Series “Game of Thrones” is recovering after getting part of his ear bit off in a fight over noise at a hotel in Newcastle, UK.  Doctors reattached it.  A man is in custody on charged with wounding with intent, and it's NOT former boxer Mike Tyson.  55-year old Mantle also is featured in a number of UK series.