Toronto, Canada’s police chief acknowledges “there is a need for answers” after video of police shooting a teen armed with a knife went viral on the Internet.

A Vice Admiral with the Mexican Navy was one of two service members gunned down by suspect drug gang members in an ambush in western Michoacan state.

A busload of tourists goes over the side of a high bridge – Hackers confirm they are able to take control of cars with computers – And Turkey accuses a Pigeon of spying for Israel, possibly without realizing how ludicrous that is.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are on their way to Washington, DC to resume peace talks here on Monday night.  It’s the first time that the two have held direct talks since 2010.

A swarm of 30,000 killer bees attacked a couple and their two miniature horses near Dallas, Texas, killing the horses and seriously injuring the people

Jewel thieves made off with $53 Million in diamonds and other precious gems in an audacious daylight heist in of the French Riviera’s swankiest hotels.

Pope Francis is on his way back to Rome after he closed the biggest-ever Roman Catholic youth festival with a Mass before tens of thousands of faithful on Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana beach.

Egypt promises a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood as the death toll mounts – Seven lives are lost in a killing spree near Miami – The international community stands by yet again as another African nation disintegrates, and no one is there to protect millions from ravaging rebel gangs – One Australian who did stand up when others didn’t is honoured – The songwriter behind classic hits for Eric Clapton and others has died.

Egypt’s fate appears to be in the hands of competing street rallies – The Driver of the derailed Spanish train is refusing to answer questions – Russia is talking about leaker Edward Snowden behind his back, and to what could be his greatest threat.  Good Morning Australia, all that and more is waiting in your CareerSpot World News Briefs:

A meltwater lake has formed at the very top of the world, covering the North Pole with about 12 inches of water.  And an approaching arctic cyclone due this week will boost the melting process even more.

There are growing fears in America that journalism itself is under threat by the trial of Bradley Manning, the US Army Private who released thousands of documents to WikiLeaks.

Protesters stormed the headquarters of Tunisia’s ruling Islamist party after a leading opposition politician was gunned down in front of his wife and children.  It’s the second time a secular opposition leader has been murdered in Tunisia this year.

The Archbishop of Canterbury wants to put payday lenders out of business but finds a roadblock in the Church’s own portfolio – Japan takes another step from its post-war pacifism – Anthony Weiner’s poll has gone down, and we’re no longer sure if that’s a double entendre. 

Pope Francis presided over the greeting ceremony of World Youth Day at Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana Beach, before thousands of spectators braving very un-Rio-like cold and rainy weather.

Spanish investigators have taken into custody the driver of the train that derailed, killing at least 80 people near the station in Santiago de Compostela.  This comes after CCTV footage of the wreck has emerged.

Prosecutors in China have charged disgraced politician Bo Xilai with bribery, corruption, and abuse of power, according to the state-run news agency Xinhua.

The Prince gets a name – The Pope tries to block efforts to legalize marijuana – Confusion over Edward Snowden’s status in Moscow – And the price tag for Japan’s nuclear disaster has gone way beyond initial estimates.

Dozens of people have been killed in a train derailment in the Galicia region of northwestern Spain, in which all 13 carriages came off the tracks and bodies were strewn about.

Egypt’s military chief is calling for nationwide rallies on Friday to confront what he calls the “violence and terrorism” that followed the removal of former president Mohammed Morsi, whose Muslim Brotherhood has refused to accept the ouster.

The principal of a middle school in India where 23 children were poisoned to death by a free school munch has turned herself in authorities.

The downward spiral of a Hollywood actress took an even sadder turn as authorities placed Amanda Bynes in hospital on an “Involuntary Psychiatric Hold”, or, “5150” in police parlance.