Medical science might save an El Salvador woman even if the country’s Supreme Court let her down; Pakistan’s next Prime Minister condemns this week's US Drone Strike on his country; Austerity and Authority prime street demonstrations in Europe.

Africa’s most-populous nation runs in the opposite direction of progress;  More staffers flee Toronto’s City Hall, where the mayor is accused of smoking crack;  The UN is doing a terrible job fighting an epidemic it caused, according to a prominent doctors’ group.

Syrian President President Bashar al-Assad says he’s okay with peace talks with the opposition in principle.  But any peace agreement would have to be approved by public referendum.

Microsoft is bringing back a familiar, anachronistic, and once-lampooned feature the users of Windows 8 were missing:  The “Start” button.

Authorities have reunited the baby rescued from a toilet drain in China with his young mother.   They say the woman accidentally dropped the baby immediately after giving birth alone.

The Supreme Court of El Salvador is refusing to allow a seriously ill pregnant woman to get an abortion, even though her fetus is developing without a complete brain and has almost no chance of survival.

The Mayor of Osaka, Japan survived a censure vote over his ugly comments rationalizing Imperial Japan’s use of foreign “comfort women” during World War II.

The Mayor of New York City’s gun control policies might have inspired a terrorist attack in the US Mail;  Britain confirms it is holding dozens of Afghans in what critics call a secret detention facility;  And Jon Bon Jovi does something that makes him probably the coolest rock star around.

The US Army Staff Sergeant accused of murdering 16 civilians including nine children in Afghanistan last year is expected to plead guilty in order to avoid the death penalty.

Someone Call John Hammond At Ingen!  An ancient find in Siberia is giving new steam to researchers hoping to clone an extinct creature:  A great Wooly Mammoth, frozen is such a way that the blood is still relatively fresh.

Less than a week ago, US President Barack Obama promised stricter rules in the use of drone strikes to kill enemy combatants.  And then on Wednesday, the US used a drone in an attack that reaffirmed concerns about the drone program.

It’s got to be difficult for al Qaeda to maintain the image of a ruthless terrorist network when one of its own documents reveals it’s run by nitpicky, middle management hacks who apparently fired an underling by scathing memo.

Police in France arrested a 22-year old man for trying to kill a soldier on patrol near downtown Paris.  The young Muslim convert identified as “Alexander D” reportedly confessed.

Federal investigators in America and 16 other countries have shut down what they say is the largest international money laundering scheme that handled $6 billion in criminal cash.

South Korea is warning of power shortages after shutting down four nuclear reactors for safety reasons.  An investigation showed the reactors were using unauthorized parts with faked safety certificates.

There’s an update to the story that viral around the world, the infant rescued from a toilet pipe in China; The Russian punk rocker on a jail hunger strike is moved to hospital; Huge explosions accompany a freight train derailment in America; An old scroll in a European university turns out to be a mayor historic relic.

The bad behavior of certain world travelers is prompting a world-wide discussion about an entire nation of more than 1.3 billion people.  The last straw appears to be teenager from China scratching his name to a 3,500-year old Egyptian Hieroglyphic.

The countries that were a week ago trying to get both sides to the table for peace talks to end the Syrian Civil War are now arguing over taking the brakes off of arms sales to each warring side.

Well, that didn’t take long.  The H7N9 Bird Flu is already developing resistance to one of the most-popular anti-influenza drugs.  It’s an alarming development because the virus crossed over from birds to humans only a few weeks ago.

Emergency Crews in China pulled off the amazing rescue of a newborn baby boy found in a 4-inch sewer pipe.  And doctors say the kid’s medical prognosis is good.

Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto dug himself in deeper after holding a news conference today to attempt to apologize for controversial remarks advising US Troops in Okinawa patronize adult entertainment businesses as a way to reduce rapes.  Say, isn’t a Mayor just supposed to make sure the buses run on time and the garbage gets picked up?