Japan is raising the severity rating of the radioactive water leak at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant to “Level Three”, a serious incident on the international scale for radiological releases.  It’s a sign the problem is worse than previously disclosed.

As David Miranda contemplates legal action against the British Government for detaining him at Heathrow Airport for nine hours under an anti-terrorism law, the peer who actually introduced that law says the UK had no business invoking it in Miranda’s case.

Former Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf, stripped of the privilege and impunity he enjoyed a few short years ago, has pleaded not guilty to charges of arranging the 2007 assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

Despite pressure from within and without, the Obama Administration says it has not made a final decision about possibly stopping aid to Egypt’s military government amid the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tons of radioactive water has been leaking from a tank at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster site in Japan, and the leak had apparently been going on for a month before engineers found it.

A trio of American teens will face adult charges in the murder of an Australian man – The investigation into Spain’s deadly train wreck will now include possible negligence coming from the top – Some UK schools are accused of doing something we’d expect in Putin’s Russia – and one of the world’s best-known novelists has died.

The head of the Muslim Brotherhood is now in custody – The main newspaper reporting leaks from Edward Snowden says the UK forced it to destroy classified information – Manila is flooded – And a beloved TV and Movie star has a close brush with disaster on an L.A. Freeway.

The leader of the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram might have been killed in a shoot-out with military forces, according to a report from Nigerian intelligence report.

A speeding train ran down a group of religious pilgrims in Northeastern India, killing at least 37 people.  Angry survivors stormed the train, beat the driver, and set two other trains ablaze.

A conspiracy theory no more:  Last week, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) admitted that there really is an Area 51 in the Nevada Desert; This week, the CIA says that it did orchestrate a coup in Iran in 1953, the event that more than anything might be responsible for the West’s trouble in the Muslim World.

As Egyptian police are preoccupied with fighting the Muslim Brotherhood, looters and vandals are taking advantage of the security gap at Egypt’s museums.

At least 25 Egyptian troops are dead when insurgents with rocket-propelled grenades attacked them in Northern Sinai, near the Gaza Strip.

British Warships arrive in Gibraltar on Monday – The tinge of corruption is found in Greece’s privatization effort – Europe’s forests will soon be saturation with atmospheric carbon – And Usain Bolt is collecting some impressive precious medals…

The head of Egypt’s military is promising to end the violence that has ravaged the country in the days since the crackdown on supporters of the previous regime, as 38 members of the Muslim Brotherhood prisoners were killed in what’s being called a escape attempt.

Three teenagers have been arrested on charges of First Degree Murder in the senseless and cowardly shooting death of Australian Baseball hopeful Christopher Lane, according to investigators.

China has set a trial date for Bo Xilai, the former Politburo member who was once a rising star on the left side of Chinese politics, but is now accused of bribery and abuse of power.  Most observers believe the verdict is a done deal.

A chaotic scene at frontier between Syria and Kurdish areas of Northern Iraq, as 10 Thousand Syrian refugees poured over the Peshkhabour crossing to escape the civil war behind them.

UK authorities detained the partner of journalist Glenn Greenwald, the man who interviewed NSA leaker Ed Snowden, for nine hours at Heathrow Airport; Greenwald blasts it as a “failed attempt at intimidation”.

Egypt weighs banning the Muslim Brotherhood after days of terrible violence – Japanese Nationalists sail to disputed islands that China claims – Scotland Yard looks at “new” evidence in the death of Princess Diana – And a descendant of Queen Victoria is busted for a decidedly un-regal crime.

Bloody and violent days rage on in Egypt – Ecuador says it has no choice but to drill for oil in an Amazon wildlife park – Hundreds are missing in the sinking of a Philippine Ferry – And everyone already knew it, but now the CIA admits it.

It looks like a cross between a Teddy Bear and a Cat, and western scientists say they’ve just discovered it, although it’s probably been around for many, many centuries.  We’re talking about the Olinguito.