Former Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi is out of appeals, now that Italy’s highest court has upheld his one-year prison sentence for tax evasion.

The United States is “disappointed” now that Russia has granted a year’s worth of asylum to Edward Snowden, the fugitive US intelligence employee who made off with trove of American intelligence secrets.

The United Nations and the Vatican are expressing concern over Uruguay’s plan to assume control of growing and selling cannabis to registered users.

China’s leader speaks about the growing border disputes with the country’s neighbors – A country declares an emergency because of Dengue Fever – And Uruguay's lower house approves the legal sale of Marijuana.

One of the most gaffe-prone politicians in the world has stepped in it again.  Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso says Tokyo could learn from Nazi Germany when it comes to constitutional reform.

United Nations investigators will go to Syria “as soon as possible” to investigate three sites where chemical weapons were allegedly used, now that the Syrian government has agreed to let them in.

Pro-Morsi protesters continue their sit-in outside a mosque in Cairo, even after the military-backed interim government vowed to disperse those particular demonstrations.

US Spymasters are defending their methods, as the Obama administration declassifies documents on America’s vast phone-snooping and makes part of them public.

Men armed with a gun and a hand grenade walked into a luxury watch store in Cannes and made off with about 40 watches.  It happened just days after one of the biggest jewel heists went down at a nearby hotel.

Where did July go?  That was quick.  Africa’s oldest dictator might face an end to power – A mass murderer thinks he deserves to go back to school – Marriage equality spreads to another territory – and China is growing new teeth using what?

The latest round of cost cutting in Greece might make you wonder why it wasn’t the first item slashed:  Greece is ending free police protection for wealthy executives and individuals who feel threatened by “anarchists”.

Tourists at the high-end resorts on Thailand’s Koh Samet Island are being told to stay away from the beach because of a massive oil spill.

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will attempt to do in nine months to do what they haven’t been able to do in several decades:  Reach a “final status” agreement to end their long conflict. 

US Army Private Bradley Manning has been found guilty of 20 counts related to the transfer of documents to Julian Assange and the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks.  But he was acquitted of the most serious charge of “aiding the enemy”.

When the Spanish high-speed rail train derailed in the country’s northwest last week killing 79 people, the driver of the train was on the phone with his employers.

An 88-year old former US President will reportedly try to free a North Korean prisoner – Taliban militants attack a Pakistani prison and free hundreds of inmates – A world class footballer is dead at age 27 – All that and a swimming cougar in your CareerSpot World News Briefs.

Sorry, Vladimir Putin, but it’s not as big as you say it is.  Russians are casting doubts over Putin casting a line and catching a really big fish.

Scottish police are investigating allegations of horrific physical and sexual abuse at one of Scotland's most prestigious Catholic boarding schools.

Pope Francis is apparently softening his predecessor’s hard line against LGBT people, saying they should not be marginalized but rather integrated into society.  And that includes the priesthood.

Two trains collided head on in Switzerland, injuring at least 35 people and possibly more.  Rescuers are still sorting it out at the scene.

The American FBI arrested 150 people on charges of holding children against their will in a nationwide, three-day sweep against child prostitution.  Officials say it is the largest-ever operation targeting the child sex trade.