China is breaking with a decade of self-reliance and buying 24 Fighter Jets and four submarines from Russia.  No wonder Vladimir Putin was so happy to receive China’s new President Xi Jinping in Moscow last week.  He's selling a lot of stuff to Beijing these days.

Ford Motor Company’s Indian unit and an advertising agency are in hot water for an advertisement showing former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi with a group of bound women in the boot of a car.

A fisher off the Florida Keys made an amazing discovery:  A two-headed Bull Shark.  It’s the first time that phenomenon has been documented in that type of shark.  In this case, having two mouths does NOT make it twice as dangerous.

The US Military has return control of Bagram Prison to the Afghanistan government.  It clears away a major issue that was causing a lot of friction between the Hamid Karzai regime and the country propping it up.

The Dominican Republic is making a lot of cocaine busts so far this year.  The latest haul is 700 kilograms taken from the airplane of millionaire French Eyeglasses entrepreneur Alain Affelou, who is demanding an explanation from the company that manages his jet.

Police are learning more about the death of an Australian man in Florida;  Thousands protest the impending legalization of Gay Marriage in France;  And someone left a macabre warning against crime on a roadside in Mexico.

Colombian Police have intercepted a half-ton of cocaine that was hidden in a shipment of bricks.  The haul would have been worth $1.7 Million on the streets of the United States.

Cyprus secured a €10 Billion refinancing deal from the EU.  And while small savers are getting protection, large depositors in the island’s second-largest bank are getting thrown under the bus.

The Melbourne native-turned-Mossad agent who died in an Israeli prison allegedly leaked sensitive information to Hezbollah.  That’s according to an exposé in the German news magazine Der Spiegel.

Efforts by Syrian Rebels to gain international recognition (and with it, assistance with ousting the Bashar al-Assad regime) by projecting a unified front have gone off the rails.

British police say there’s no sign of radiation in the home of exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who died under mysterious circumstances.  Berezovsky was a political enemy of Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

Rescue crews are reaching a refugee camp in a remote area of Thailand where 36 people died in a fast-moving fire that also left 2 Thousand people homeless.

China seeks to extend its lock on Africa’s mineral wealth;  Rebels overtake the capital of one country while the president flees and international observers worry; And France confirms the death of a terrorist. 

China’s waning patience leads to a crack down on the Hermit Kingdom; A plan to rescue Cypriot banks might take an even bigger bite out of some savers than the recently rejected scheme; American pilots might find themselves without control towers to decide who’s landing and who’s talking off; And DON'T mess with angry giraffes, or sharks for that matter!

Warren Rodwell has been freed after 15 months as a hostage of a Philippine-based Islamic Terrorist group.  He was treated at a hospital after being released in Pagadian City in Mindanao.

Good morning, Australia!  Cops investigate if a racist gang ordered a hit on an American prison official; The world is starting to get fed up with North Korea's abuse of its own people; President Obama engineers an important apology from Israel to its former best friend in the region.  

Fiji’s military dictatorship unveiled a new constitution that gives the military broad powers and "overall responsibility" at all times for security, defense and well-being.  It means that dictator Voreque “Frank” Bainimarama has reneged on earlier plans to allow a constituency assembly to draft the future for Fiji.

New Zealand has deported three Tongan nations whose past criminal records were erased by Tongan police.  A fourth person has left New Zealand voluntarily.  Australia canceled three Visas belonging to Tongans in the same situation.

Environmental group Sea Shepherd is suing Japanese whalers, charging them with alleged piracy and attempted manslaughter. 

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is facing criminal charges for allegedly taking advantage of an elderly heiress for campaign contributions.  Sarkozy denies it.  It's the latest twist in an epic tale of wealth, war, and nasty people.

Investigators are finding evidence of China’s involvement in the hacking attack that shut down computers in three major South Korean banks and three television networks.  The initial investigation focused on North Korea, which isn't in the clear just yet.