Just because it's the weekend, news does not sleep:  Uncle Sam is adding some beef to its western defenses, a Roman Catholic Cardinal says something remarkably tone deaf about clergy sex abuse, and Ireland is in dire need of another visit by Saint Patrick to deal with the slithery menace on the green.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) conference in Bangkok has wrapped up with several key agreements in ending the trade in endangered species.

U.S. authorities are charging a man for conspiring with the hacker group “Anonymous” to get revenge on the former employer that fired him. 

At this point, does anyone in the U.K. actually know what’s really on the dinner plate?  Muslim leaders are not happy after tests found Pork DNA in supposedly Halal Chicken Sausages meant for little kids at a primary school in central London.

A California preschool teacher is under arrest and charged with Felony Child Endangerment for allegedly drugging her tiny students with the over-the-counter sleep aid “Sominex”.

As the developed world twiddles its fingers in the face of a rapidly warming World Environment, a new United Nations report says the changes can increase the number of people living in extreme poverty by 3 billion.  “A clean and safe environment should be seen as a right,” according to the report, “not a privilege.”

German police say they’ve broken up a plot by Islamic radicals to assassinate the leader of a far-right political party who taunted Muslims with comics of the prophet Muhammad.

There’s a new President in Beijing, South Africa faces a shocking health crisis, and a controversial leader is no longer likely to become a museum piece. 

India is forbidding the Italian Ambassador from leaving the country, in a row that might put New Delhi at odds with the Vienna Convention that protects Diplomats and their missions from harassment by host countries.

World powers appear to be lining up behind their chosen proxies in the 2 year old Syrian civil war, signaling a possible escalation in the conflict.

Roman Catholic Cardinals at the Papal Conclave have chosen a new Pope.  The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has taken the name “Francis”.  
Not only is he the first Pope from the Southern Hemisphere and South America, but he is also the first Pope in 2,000 years to take the name “Francis”. 

U.S. President Barack Obama is chiding China over alleged state-sponsored cyber attacks on America.  China denies the allegations and says it is the target of such attacks.

South Africa recalled its counsel-general to Shanghai after several complaints from people who witnessed Lassy Chiwayo wandering the streets naked near his official residence.  Pretoria says his Foreign Office contract was terminated due to “health reasons”.

Is the landlord threatening to lock Russia’s main door into space?  Once united as Soviet Socialist Republics, Moscow now finds itself mired in a dispute with Kazakhstan over the future of the famed Cosmodrome, birthplace of so many achievements in space.

Argentine President Cristina Kitchner is calling British residents of the Falkland Islands “squatters”, and is dismissing the results of a referendum in which the residents chose to remain a British Overseas territory.

Two terrorists disguised as cricketers attacked and killed 5 Indian paramilitary police in the disputed region of Kashmir.  The hand grenade attack injured seven bystanders before the terrorists were shot and killed.

Two countries will investigate two suspicious deaths of two historically significant men - The Vatican interregnum continues - And who’d have thought Shanghai even HAD that many dead pigs?  Yep, it got a LOT worse.  
All that, the angry dad at a Macca's near Perth, and a lot more:

Some faces at the Vatican are redder than a Bishop’s skullcap after it became public that several priests and a Cardinal live in comfortable quarters in a building shared with Rome’s biggest gay bathhouse.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is threatening to turn a disputed island into a “sea of fire” in the latest grandiose and overly dramatic threat from Pyongyang.  Kim is upset over U.S.-South Korean war games and economic sanctions.

You have to wonder what kind of atrocity it will take to shake America into truly facing its gun problem.  The latest is the death of a 6-month-old baby girl who was shot several times while her father changed her diaper.

Ecuador is yanking the political rights of a former presidential candidate for a year, after he was judged guilty of making homophobic comments.  LBGT rights advocates are hailing the decision as a “milestone”.