The city of Boston and much of the United States was on the edge of their seats when one of the big networks announced a major scoop:  An arrest in the Boston Marathon Bombing.  And it turned out to be a bad mistake.

A strong earthquake registering magnitude 6.8 has struck Papua New Guinea’s northern coast, sending people scrambling for higher ground.

North Korea is feeling ignored and issuing new threats, saying it will not give any warning before any attack on South Korea.

The third fatality from the Boston Marathon Bombing is a university graduate student from China who was watching the runners cross the finish line with friends as the first bomb went off.  China’s official news agency Xinhua says the family for now does not want the female student’s name made public.

But we do know more about the other two fatalities.

Seven people are dead in post-election violence in Venezuela, with Enrique Capriles and his supporters hurling accusations of vote fraud (as well as chunks of concrete) in the very narrow election result.

Even in death, UK’s former Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher is proving to be a divisive figure.  The Union Jack-draped casket holding her body is at Westminster, awaiting Wednesday’s state funeral.

A Washington State man is charged with bigamy (and might be the absolute laziest, worst record-keeper in the world) after his wives discovered each other as his “friends” on Facebook.

You know that “autocomplete” function on Google?  You start to type something in and it offers suggestions (often wrong) on how to complete your search request?  Well, it put Google on the losing end of a lawsuit.

Officials in Boston now say three people died in the bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  One of the fatalities is an 8-year old child.  More than 170 people are recovering from injuries ranging from cuts and scrapes to limbs blown off by the blasts.

While America struggles with the apparent terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon, insurgents in Iraq killed 37 people and wounded 140 more in a series of pre-election attacks.

Venezuela’s election authority certified Nicolas Maduro’s victory in the weekend Presidential elections despite his opponent’s demand for a recount. Henrique Capriles is calling for street protests when Tuesday comes around to South America.

The great composer and classical pianist Fazil Say says it’s a “sad day” for his native Turkey after he was convicted of blasphemy and inciting hatred for a series of comments he made on Twitter last year.

The Chinese ship that ran aground on a coral reef off the Philippines was no fishing boat, according to authorities.  It was hauling more than 10,000 kilos of meat from a protected species called the Pangolin, or “scaly anteater”.

At least two people are dead and more than two dozen are injured after a pair of explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  A third explosion at the JFK library, also in Boston, is also under investigation.  Details are still sketchy, and information and misinformation are flying hand in hand, so we’re going to keep this to the few confirmed details

Before he died, Hugo Chavez said he wanted Nicolas Maduro to succeed him and carry on his program of Bolivarian Socialism.  Buoyed by that endorsement, Maduro eked out a narrow win over his nearest competitor in Venezuela’s Presidential Election.

Will Venezuelan voters continue on the Bolivarian path or opt for a return to capitalism?  Also, a terrorist assault in Mogadishu proves deadly, and people who lost big parts of their savings in Cyprus get an offer they’ll probably refuse.

Adam Scott is the first Aussie to win The Masters and take home the Green Jacket, beating Angel Cabrera in a sudden-death playoff at Augusta National.  And you'll see it right here on CareerSpot.

After shoring up relations among friends and frenemies in East Asia, US Secretary of State John Kerry says America is ready to “reach out” to North Korea if it gives up nuclear weapons, while vowing to protect US allies.

Human Rights activists say Syrian air strikes killed 16 people in a village in the Kurdish northern region.  A government shelling attack also toppled the minaret of a historic mosque.

Teen singing sensation Justin Beiber hopes that if Anne Frank had not been murdered in a nazi concentration camp in the 1940s she would have been a devoted fan.  I really, really wish this were a joke.

Regional elections are coming up in India, and the national Election Commission is gearing up to keep the balloting smooth and protect voters and pollworkers from potentially violent disruptions.. by elephants (no, not American Republicans).