The Koreas agree to give cooperation another go – A house of horrors is torn down – Kenya investigates the huge fire at its main International Airport on an ominous anniversary – And Mr. Shark goes to New York City. 

A Swedish baby girl came into the world in a way that puts Fast and Furious parts One through Six to shame:  She was born while dad rolled the car en route to hospital.

US prosecutors have filed the first criminal charges against a suspect in the deadly terror attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya.  Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed.

Iran’s President veers from his predecessor’s path – Car bombs kills dozens of shoppers in Baghdad – A central African nation approves severe restrictions on the freedom to gather – DON’T TOUCH THE 600 YEAR OLD STATUE!!
And we’ll remember legendary keyboard master George Duke in your CareerSpot World News Briefs:

Japan has unveiled its largest naval warship since World War II, amid tensions over Islands Japan has possessed for more than 100 years but that China now claims.

Hours after tweeting a cheerful note in honor of the last day of Ramadan, the British Ambassador to Yemen was on an emergency flight as US and UK expats evacuated in the face of a possible al Qaeda attack.

Last year, the world’s average temperature was one of the hottest on record, sea levels are at historic highs, and the Arctic lost unprecedented amounts of sea ice.  Get used to it, because it appears to be the way things are going to be.

The US decision to close nearly two dozen embassies in the Muslim world wasn’t based just on an “abundance of caution”:  The US had intercepted communications from the head of al Qaeda ordering its affiliate in Yemen to carry out attacks.

A judge in Chile is declining to charge any of the late dictator Augusto Pinochet's family members in a long-running investigation into where he got his fortune.

Tragedy cancels the Darwin Cup – An Internet billionaire buys one of the world’s best-known newspapers – A Christian TV puppeteer is sentenced to plotting to eat children – And check that address before sending a past-due notice to one of the world’s most-beloved leaders.

An African Rock Python escaped from a pet store in Canada, made its way to an apartment above, and strangled and killed two boys aged five and seven years old.

The former chief of Turkey’s military and several other top generals, opposition politicians, and journalists have been sentenced to life in prison for an alleged coup plot.  The verdicts and sentences have many secularists in Turkey accusing the government of a creeping Islamist bent.

Japan’s nuclear watchdog is warning of a new “emergency” at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear power Plant that the plant's operator is not sufficiently addressing; a build-up of radioactive groundwater that’s seeping into the Ocean.

Kevin Rudd has five weeks to turn around an election that many believe favors Tony Abbott – China puts Oz on the dairy ban list with New Zealand – The world’s incubator for Progressive Policy will start accepting applications for gay marriages today.

Members of Zimbabwe's opposition MDC party say they have been attacked by followers of President Robert Mugabe, and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai seems to be prodding the people to rise up against Mugabe.

The King of Morocco is revoking his pardon granted to a Spanish pedophile after dozens of people were injured in a face-off between outraged over the pardon and baton-wielding cops.

Australia kept its embassies in the Muslim world open on Sunday.  But the US is extending the closure of its diplomatic outposts through week’s end, based mostly on fears of a post-Ramadan terror attack.

Former Italian Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi will not crash the fragile coalition government to protest his tax fraud conviction and four-year prison sentence.

The BBC has revealed the actor to play the Twelfth Doctor in the long-running classic science fiction show Doctor Who.  And the name of that actor is..

Diamonds are a despot’s best friend – Prison breaks, whispers and hints, and the end of Ramadan lead to expanded terrorism fears – Remember that triple meltdown in Japan two years ago?  Yeah, it never got better and it keeps getting worse – And America appears ready to watch a sports hero do the walk of shame.

The US is warning of a possible terror threat in the coming weeks – Germany cancels an intelligence pact with American and Britain because of reports of wide-ranging electronic spying – A nation says goodbye to its football hero.  All that and wacky bears in your CareerSpot World News Briefs