Powerful Cyclone Mahasen is threatening Myanmar and Bangladesh.  Myanmar's government is urging tens of thousands of people to evacuate coastal areas.

A Roman Catholic Cardinal whose sex scandal precluded him from voting for the new pope is now leaving the country he grew up in.

Scientists with lots of money and nothing better to do than to open Pandora’s Box of social and political problems have moved a major step closer to cloning human beings.

Miners drilling for copper and zinc in Canada came up with something more interesting for scientists:  Ancient water believed to be 1.5 Billion years old.

A potpourri of “other stuff”:  A archeological landmark in Central America is wiped off the face of the earth, and you won’t believe the reason “Why”; Marriage Equality gets a foothold in two sides of the Western Hemisphere;  Reactions comes to the mayor of Osaka’s bone-headed comments about Japan’s wartime atrocities.

Apparently, waiting in line at Florida’s Disney World is just too much trouble for some wealthy Manhattan moms.  They’ve figured out a gimmick to get around the crowds of common folk:  By hiring disabled “Tour Guides” to pose as family members so they can skip long lines.

At least 50 people are dead after their overcrowded boats capsized off the coast of Myanmar.  He dead are Muslims who were displaced from their homes in another part of the country after anti-Muslim violence last year.

A new and really, really gross problem has popped up for western powers seeking to aid the rebels trying to overthrow Syria’s Bashar al-Assad:  One of the rebels made a video of himself eating the heart of a fallen Syrian soldier.  Warning, gruesome video after the click-through!

A senior advisor to Japan’s prime minister has arrived in North Korea for what appears to be high-level talks.  Tokyo is not commenting on the mission.

The loss of rainforests in developing nations like Brazil means less hydroelectric power available.  So says a study from the US National Academy of Sciences.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) says it is detaining an American Central Intelligence Agency officer who allegedly tried to recruit a Russian to become a double agent.  The man officially works at the US Embassy and will be deported.

A young woman in El Salvador desperately needs her failing pregnancy terminated before it kills her, but human rights activists say the country’s supreme court is dragging its feet in making a decision.

New unrest in Libya seems to confirm earlier warnings;  Free Press advocates are outraged at the US Justice Department for prying into the phone records of reporters;  Israel is promising land for a brand-new Palestinian City.  Click through for the interesting stuff I didn't need an entire page to report:

Authorities in Kenya are searching for dozens of mentally ill patients who escaped from a notorious mental hospital that international human rights advocates had long complained about.

The United Nations might run into a little opposition with its latest idea:  Encouraging more people to eat insects to fight obesity and world hunger. 

The Mayor of Osaka, Japan is throwing gasoline on a fire that really needs to be stamped out:  Mayor Toru Hashimoto said that it was “necessary” for Japan to imprison thousands of foreign “Comfort Women” during World War II.

The Governor of Minnesota on Tuesday is expected to sign legislation giving official legal status to Marriage Equality.  It’s a major advancement of Gay Rights in Midwestern America.

In a rare admission from Russian Police, the gruesome torture murder of a young man was a hate crime because the victim was Gay.  It’s making Russian activists worry about increasing prejudice against gays, which they fear will be encouraged by a bill banning "homosexual propaganda".

Rain interrupted recovery work at the collapsed building in Bangladesh where more than 1,100 died under a pile of falling concrete and iron.  As outrage grows, the government is working on a consolation prize for the 4 million people employed in the country’s garment industry.

Syria is denying that it had a hand in twin car bombings that killed 46 people in the Turkish border town of Reyhanli over the weekend

South Korea’s Presidential office has issued a formal apology after an official was fired over “shameful” sexual harassment allegations during a high-profile visit to America.