Imagine going to hospital in an emergency, only to wake up in a different country.  That’s the horror facing more and more people who went to live in America for a better life, only to be rejected by the broken healthcare system.

A judge has ordered the ex-treasurer of Spain's ruling conservative Popular Party (PP) be held without bail to keep him from skipping out of the country before his corruption trial starts.

The head of the McDonald’s franchises in Israel is declining to put a restaurant in a Jewish settlement in the Palestinian West Bank.  And that’s drawing criticism from settler’s groups.

Is NSA leaker Edward Snowden a trapped man?  The Ecuadorian government now says that the letter that apparently allowed Snowden to escape Hong Kong for Moscow was unauthorized.  Is any country going to wind up looking good when this is all over?

The United Nations is sound the alarm over a sharp rise in the amount and variety of “designer drugs”, which are hitting the world’s drug markets faster than governments can ban them.

Obama is in Africa, Mandela is reportedly on life support, Rio Tinto’s coal mining is in trouble in part of Africa, and you have to wonder what would make a young man give up a $40 million sports contract.

A day after delivering a blow to voting rights and civil rights in America, the US Supreme Court gave a major boost to marriage equality with two landmark rulings.

Ireland will pay out more than A$81 Million to right the sins of the past.  The money will go to the girls and women who were sentenced to forced labor in the notorious Magdalene Laundries.

Despite President Dilma Rousseff offering major concessions, tens of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets on Wednesday in new demonstrations calling for a crackdown on corruption and better public services.

The mystery of how US Whistleblower Edward Snowden managed to get from Hong Kong to Moscow, as well as where his eventual destination might be, got a little murkier.

A plan to placate more than a million Brazilian protesters runs into opposition; The conservative US Supreme Court guts a landmark law that prevented racism at the polls; And China marks a successful return to space.

An explosion of greenhouse gases from China is expected over the next decade, because an international program to fund their destruction is drying up.

Turkey’s violent crackdown on peaceful protesters who were fed up with autocratic Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan may have caused alarm in the capitals of Europe.  But for now it’s not getting in the way of business.

Eight people are dead in the crash of a military rescue helicopter involved in flood relief efforts in northern India.

Against the backdrop of unrest in Brazil, police got into a massive shoot out with alleged drug dealers in a Rio de Janeiro Favela, resulting in nine deaths.

American Whistleblower Edward Snowden is in Russia.. kind of.  President Vladimir Putin confirmed that Snowden is in the pre-immigration international transit area of the airport, and Putin’s not going to honor US requests to send him back.

An American businessman could be allowed to go free soon, after his employees held him inside a factory on the outskirts of Beijing in a pay dispute.

So.. where IS Edward Snowden, anyway?  The whereabouts of the whistleblower and former employee of a private contractor used by America’s ginormous spy apparatus are a mystery.

Amnesty International is warning that homophobic attacks in sub-Saharan Africa has reached “dangerous levels”, validated by a number of countries passing draconian laws against “homosexual acts”.

A child born a boy but who identifies as a girl gets important validation from a civil rights panel; Pakistan plans to put its former dictator in trial for treason; German cops capture a man they say was terrorizing autobahn drivers for years.

The BBC is accusing the Turkish government of waging a campaign of intimidation against its journalists.