Overall, Brazilians seem to approve of the security measures put in place around Pope Francis for the first international trip of his papacy.  But not everyone is happy in this restive year of protests.

After a two-year delay, The US is finally arranging hearings on whether 71 of the 166 suspected terrorists being held at the Guantanamo Bay prison are still a threat to the United States.

Fresh clashes on the streets of Egypt – A European woman is free of her Sharia Law nightmare in Dubai – New revelations from the trove of spy secrets held by fugitive leaker Edward Snowden show eager Europeans cooperating with unprecedented surveillance.

Bottlenose Dolphins use unique whistles to identify other individual Dolphins in their social groups, according to a study by scientists who followed groups of the animals off the east coast of Scotland.

Japan is urging The United Kingdom to remain a part of the European Union, hinting that tens of thousands of British jobs at Japanese firms could be at stake.

The first Pope from Latin America has arrived in Brazil on his first trip abroad since being selected of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.  He was greeted by tens of thousands of happy pilgrims.

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy on Monday.  The first child of Kate and Prince William will be third in line to the British throne.

Pope Francis heads to South America while some are questioning his recent appointment to the Vatican bank – 6 get life terms in a case that made India face its problem with violence against women – And UK’s Prime Minister is warning internet companies to block access to objectionable material.

Japanese voters handed a landslide victory to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the weekend’s upper house elections.  Single party rule after six years of divided government gives Abe a free hand to pursue his agenda.

The peace process in Colombia has been thrown into doubt with the murders if 15 Government troops by Marxist FARC rebels.  The FARC is currently in negotiations to come in from the jungles and rejoin the political process.

Police in the American rust belt town of East Cleveland, Ohio are searching for more victims, after finding the bodies of three women's bodies, wrapped in plastic, and left a run-down neighborhood.

Scores of people including women and children were killed in Syria after President Bashar al-Assad’s forces attacked rebels in a suburb of Damascus and targeted the family of a rebel in the coastal northwest.

Environmentalists are pretty upset over an American warplane dropping bombs on the Great Barrier Reef during a military exercise.  Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters is asking, “Have we gone completely mad?”

Americans march for “Justice For Trayvon” – A Russian dissident takes advantage of his temporary reprieve from prison – Patients at an Irish Hospital might have been exposed to an incurable disease that slowly destroys the brain.  Scary stuff in today’s CareerSpot World News Briefs.

The first test of Prime Minister Rudd’s new asylum policy is floating near Christmas Island – US President Barack Obama puts a controversial court case into personal terms – And the risks of living under Sharia Law confront a westerner in Dubai.

Brazil has rolled out tanks and hundreds of soldiers in personnel carriers in the Amazon Rainforest, in a major operation to protect the reserve home of small band of indigenous people from illegal loggers.

Police in Panama have arrested a former US Central Intelligence Agency station chief who was convicted-in-absentia of orchestrating the kidnapping and “rendition” of an Egyptian cleric from the streets of Milan, Italy.

Kiwis get a rattle with their brekkies – Russia’s lukewarm embrace of a US fugitive might jeopardize Obama’s Moscow plans – and depression grounds a presidential candidate at a crucial time in his campaign.

Japan is warning China not to expand gas exploration in disputed waters of the East China Sea, and sending ships to investigate reports that China is possibly siphoning gas from the seabed beneath waters claimed by Japan.

Nations and human rights advocates are condemning Russia’s conviction and jailing of a prominent critic of President Vladimir Putin.  The 5-year term handed to Alexei Navalny was harsher than expected.

The republican-appointed city manager of Detroit is applying for permission to apply for bankruptcy and sell off civic assets to satisfy the declining “Motor City’s” debts estimated to be A$16  - A$21 Billion.