Two years after the fourth most-powerful earthquake ever recorded on this planet, we’re still learning amazing facts about the sheer power behind the 11 March 2011 disaster that devastated the northeast coast of Japan:  It was heard on the edge of space.

New developments around the world this weekend will play out in the days to come.  From growing destabilization in Egypt, to new threats of war with North Korea, to people who just need to wash their hands, there’s a wealth of news out there:

The Cardinals set a schedule, a former Prime Minister sits out his second criminal trial of the week, and Venezuela has a funeral for the late Hugo Chavez.  Saturday morning means news here on CareerSpot.

The United Nations Security Council Voted to slam North Korea with punishing economic sanctions for last month’s nuclear bomb test, despite Pyongyang’s threat to unleash a preemptive nuclear strike on its enemies.

Star Wars creator George Lucas has pretty much spilled the beans:  Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher have all signed on for Star Wars: Episode VII, which will be produced by Disney and directed by J.J. Abrams.

Global Warming is very real.  The Earth’s temperatures had been on a steady 5,000-year cooling trend until about a century ago when they sharply spiked higher and higher, and that’s causing changes you need to know about.

If opponents of Bolivarian Socialism hoped that the death of Hugo Chávez would stop Venezuela’s swing to the left, they might want to avert their eyes.  Vowing to continue the Revolution, a long line of visitors have been giving military and clenched-fist “power” salutes, as well as the Roman Catholic “Sign of the Cross” over Chávez’s simple wooden casket.

While Vatican watchers try to glean a clue of which Cardinal will rise from the ranks of the Conclave to become the new Pope, a group of clergy sex abuse survivors is telling Cardinals whom they should not pick.

Malaysia’s military says troops hunted and killed 31 more Sulu Militants from the Philippines in overnight clashes in Eastern Sabah state.  Malaysia is demanding the foreign gunmen unconditionally surrender.

North Korea is threatening a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the United States and South Korea.  The threat came just hours before the United Nations was scheduled to meet on tough new sanctions that would further isolate the North Korean regime.

Okay, by now you’ve had your Vegemite toast Brekkie and might even be planning Bikkies for Elevenses.  But there’s still a world to conquer and there’s no better way than to fill your belly than with News of Outer Space on CareerSpot:

North Korea has declared no-fly and no-sail zones off of its east and west coasts, indicating the Hermit Kingdom is about to engage in major, nationwide military exercises that might include short- and medium-range missile tests.

Tens of Thousands of devastated Venezuelans poured out onto the streets of Caracas to view the casket of President Hugo Chavez, who died yesterday after a lengthy battle with cancer, as it was taken to the official viewing area. 

Syrian Rebels have taken to the Internet to announce the abduction of a group of United Nations peacekeepers that was investigating a damaged observation post in the disputed Golan Heights near Israel.  It’s the first time that Syria’s two-year-old civil war has spilled over into the U.N.'s Golan Peacekeeping mission.

Roman Catholic Cardinals from the United States opted for secrecy over transparency, canceling a popular daily press briefing and leaving reporters (and the world) in the dark during an important time for the church.  This happened as most cardinals have arrived at the Vatican to begin the process of picking a new Pope.

The European Union fined Microsoft more than A$716 million for failing to live up to an antitrust agreement.  E.U. regulators have now fined the software giant the equivalent of more than 2.8 Billion Australian dollars over the past decade.

The three-way vice lock that holds Italian politics today could threaten the media empire that allowed the conservative former Italian Prime Minister Sylvio Berlusconi to freely pressure the government into accepting his positions.

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died at age 58 after a lengthy battle with cancer.  The fiery populist who declared a Socialist Revolution and was a thorn in the wide of the developed world powers championed a leftist revival that spread across South America.

Roman Catholic Cardinals gathered in Rome are apparently in no hurry to pick a replacement for Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI, even though one of his last official acts was to change the rules to allow for a speedier start to the conclave.

American military officials accuse Pakistan of using the C.I.A.’s drone attacks to disguise Pakistan’s own attacks on tribal areas.  Pakistan is denying these allegations.