Popular Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef is out on bail after being arrested for allegedly insulting Islam and President Muhammed Morsi.  The case is raising concerns about government censorship and press freedoms in Egypt.

Authorities in Central Texas are investigating the murders of a Prosecutor and his wife, and they want to know if the killings are related to the deaths of two other law enforcement officials, and if there is a white supremacist plot to murder law enforcement officials.

The search is on for 7 THOUSAND patients of what might be the world’s worst dentist.  Authorities say Dr. Wayne Scott Harrington of Tulsa, Oklahoma apparently have exposed his patients to HIV and Hepatitis B and C because of his filthy office habits.

The problem came to light when a patient recently tested positive for hepatitis C and HIV.  The patient’s only risk factor was receiving dental treatment from Harrington. 

Upon investigating his office, they found a chamber of horrors including:  regular use of a rusty set of instruments on patients with known infections; attempting to sterilize the instruments with household bleach instead of medically-accepted methods; and his practice of pouring bleach on oral wounds until they "turned white."

Drug cabinets were unlocked and unsupervised.  Medications were out of date, including one drug vial that expired 20 years ago in 1993.

Harrington allegedly re-used intravenous needles.  His records indicated the use of morphine, even though he hadn’t ordered any from his supplier for 4 years.

Harrington was a “Medicaid” provider.  That’s the American public insurance system for low-income people.  It means that Harrington had a larger than average proportion of patients with hepatitis and HIV.

Australia’s crackdown on bikies might enter a new punitive phase; A US Lawmaker is forced to apologize for an amazingly awful choice of words; Moscow issues a warning on the North Korean situation.

More than 300 students in Santiago were arrested in massive demonstrations for free, quality education for all Chileans.  Marches took place in Santiago, Valparaiso, and other cities.  And YES, there’s a Harlem Shake video with this story.

Police in Christchurch, New Zealand have arrested a suspect in the brutal beating of Cricketer Jesse Ryder and charged the 20-year old suspect with Assault.  They’re apparently also looking for another suspect.

The United Nations Security Council has approved the first-ever “offensive” brigade to actively battle rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Despite the efforts of United Nations Ambassador Peter Woolcott, Iran, Syria and North Korea spiked an attempt by the United Nations to curb and control the sale of conventional arms. 

People lined up outside banks on Cyprus to do business for the first time in two weeks.  The government had closed the banks to prevent a run on cash during the island nation’s economic crisis.  The Cypriot government is also ordering an investigation of what might have caused the crisis.

More medical trouble for a famous world leader;  A doctor is charged with leading a ring of physicians who killed instead of cured;  And North Korea keeps threatening the outside world, but who is Pyongyang really talking to?

Police found a large assortment of weapons in the home of Adam Lanza, the young man who murdered 20 first graders and six teachers at a school in Newtown, Connecticut in December.  And newly released papers say the young killer was able to fire 155 bullet in five minutes, using semiautomatic weapons with extended clips.

Mortar fire killed at least 15 students at the University of Damascus in Syria’s capital.  The government was quick to blame rebels, who’ve been increasing the use of mortars as fighting in Damascus gets worse.

Gay Rights have been before the Untied States Supreme Court this week, and initial indications are that the controversial law defining marriage as between one man and one woman may be struck down, opening the door to Marriage Equality in the USA.

Federal authorities in Mexico have agreed to investigate a local police chief after fed-up villagers formed an enormous posse and took over a town in the southwest.

The exasperated head of Italy’s Center-Left bloc can’t reach a deal to form a new government, leading him to declare that “Only a mentally ill person could have a burning desire to govern right now."

A new study says commonly used pesticides disrupt brain function in Honey Bees in Europe and North America.  The research backs up the idea that pesticides are, at the very least, a component of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

A Cricketer from New Zealand is mercilessly bashed;  Big news from The Rolling Stones;  And Brazil’s main Olympic Venue might be a death trap.   

Moscow is stepping up its swing to the authoritarian right.  Russian police raided the offices of Human Rights Watch, Greenpeace, and others in its crackdown on so-called “foreign agents” that have been critical of Vladimir Putin’s increasingly oppressive Kremlin.

Two top-level Bosnian Serb officials were convicted by the war crimes tribunal at The Hague and each sentenced to 22 years in prison.

China is admitting one of its navy ships fired on a Vietnamese fishing boat, but insists it was just firing flares.  Hanoi says the boat has severe fire damage in the latest provocative maritime confrontation between China and its neighbors.

An Argentine software company is undoubtedly annoying some in the UK with its new release:  A video game showing the Argentine police recapturing the Falkland Islands from British “terrorists”.