Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died at age 58 after a lengthy battle with cancer.  The fiery populist who declared a Socialist Revolution and was a thorn in the wide of the developed world powers championed a leftist revival that spread across South America.

Roman Catholic Cardinals gathered in Rome are apparently in no hurry to pick a replacement for Pontiff Emeritus Benedict XVI, even though one of his last official acts was to change the rules to allow for a speedier start to the conclave.

American military officials accuse Pakistan of using the C.I.A.’s drone attacks to disguise Pakistan’s own attacks on tribal areas.  Pakistan is denying these allegations.

Russian police are detaining three people in the Acid Attack on the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet, Sergei Filin, which shocked the worlds of art and dance.  One of the suspects is a star of the famed Russian Ballet Company.

The United Nations is canceling the Gaza marathon because the Islamist Hamas government has bowed to pressure from fundamentalists and is refusing to allow women to run.  That’s quite a change from past years when Hamas apparently had no problems with it, going as far to provide security for the runners.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ health problems just seem to be getting worse.  A spokesman in Caracas says he’s now suffering a new infection following cancer surgery, and top officials have gathered in the capital city.

The father of Olympic track star and accused killer Oscar Pistorius has his own family distancing itself from his controversial comments about Guns, Race, and South Africa.

Police in Northern Ireland say they seized four primed mortar rounds moments before they were set to go out, breaking up a bombing plot that could have caused mass casualties. 

The “Princes of the Church” get ready to pick a new boss, China might scrape of an old barnacle from the past, and we’ll peek at the world’s wealthiest people. 

Czech Republican lawmakers have narrowly voted to charge conservative President Vaclav Klaus with High Treason for destroying several high-profile corruption cases.

Israel is being accused of Apartheid-style ethnic segregation after starting a bus service for Palestinians-only.  This was apparently done to placate Jewish settlers who claimed Arab passengers were ''a security risk'' because of past suicide bombings

A Canadian couple is facing domestic violence charges after allegedly fighting over the last beer and assaulting each other with chips and dip. 

Queen Elizabeth II has been discharged from the hospital where she had checked in for a night with a nasty case of gastroenteritis.  The 86 year old walked out of the front doors smiling.

A baby born of an emergency caesarean section when his young parents were killed in a hit and run accident, has himself died.  New York City police are hunting the occupants of the grey BMW sedan that caused all the trouble.

For only the second time in the entire world, Doctors have cured a patient with HIV.  Doctors in the U.S. say they’ve effectively cured a baby who was born with the virus that causes AIDS.  This startling development could sharply reduce the number of kids living with the HIV.

Rioting, earthquakes, Elephants, and a killer blizzard.  Here are some of the stories in the headlines around Asia.

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Roman Catholic Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Scotland is admitting to sexual misconduct with priests serving under him, saying in a statement, “my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal".

Queen Elizabeth is recovering in King Edward VII Hospital in London with a case of gastroenteritis.  Buckingham Palace says she checked in Sunday afternoon and is in good spirits.

A bomb blast has killed at least 65 people in a predominantly Shia Muslim section of Karachi, Pakistan.  More than 60 more people are wounded.  Women and children are said to be among the victims. 

Rescuers have given up hope of find the Seffner, Florida man who was last seen screaming for his life and falling into a gigantic sinkhole that opened up beneath his bedroom.  The search is over and the man’s brother says his body will probably stay in the hole.