After more than three decades and a lot of pressure from Western Governments, Japan has finally adopted the international treaty to prevent parental child abductions during messy divorce cases.  Both houses of Parliament approved it, and it will take another year for Japan to fully ratify the treaty.

FBI agents in Florida shot and killed an associate of one of the Boston marathon bombers in self-defense, shortly after he implicated himself and Tamerlan Tsarnaev in a 2011 triple murder.

Israel is warning Syria to knock it off; Gay Marriage is approved by the UK’s Lower House; and North Korea attempts to mend strained relations with its only friend.

The death toll in the monster Oklahoma Tornado has thankfully been revised down, as people who were missing and presumed dead have turned up alive.  State officials are saying 24 lives were lost, although they warn that number could get worse.  Insurance claims are expected to top $1 Billion.

The Vatican is denying claims that Pope Francis performed an exorcism after video of an encounter with a young man during Sunday Mass started making the rounds.

As the world wraps up its involvement in Afghanistan, authorities are slipping back into disturbing old behaviors.  The number of women and girls jailed for “moral crimes” has risen by 50 percent in the last 18 months.

A man who put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger in front of the altar in Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral turns out to be an infamous nationalist who apparently was protesting France’s recent legalization of Marriage Equality.

Prosecutors are determining if they will be able to retry former dictator Efrain Rios Montt after Guatemala’s high court overturned his genocide conviction.  Human Rights groups are appalled at the court’s decision.

China’s President will take a tour of Central American and the Caribbean starting late next week, and wrapping up with a meeting with President Obama in California.

President Obama says he is “concerned” about the growing role of Lebanese Hezbollah in the Syrian Civil War.  The Shi’a Muslim Militant group took heavier than expected casualties over the weekend, revealing its commitment to the Damascus government.

The UK’s Labour Party has stepped up to rescue Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s Gay Marriage Bill, defeating rebellious Tories who attempted to insert poison pills into the legislation.

The family of Peru’s former strongman Alberto Fujimori is trying to get him a presidential pardon because of his allegedly deteriorating health.

The groundbreaking keyboardist and founding member of The Doors Ray Manzarek has died after a lengthy battle with cancer.  He was 74.

A monster tornado up to two miles wide touched down in Moore, Oklahoma and stay on the ground for 40 minutes, causing unprecedented damage in the Oklahoma City suburb.  Video after the click.

Roberto Tapia was supposed to be looking out for the environment of the US Virgin Islands.  Federal Agents say he was using Government resources to move cocaine.

The Mayor of Toronto Canada ducked out on his regular Sunday radio appearance amid allegations he was videotaped smoking crack with drug dealers.

North Korea has launched a fourth short-distance missile into the Sea of Japan, prompting condemnations from the South and calls for negotiations from the United Nations.

Heavy fighting and casualties in the dozens are reported as Syrian troops attempt to retake the rebel-held town of Qusair, near the border with Lebanon.  After the initial artillery, a ground assault is expected.

The President of Myanmar will meet with President Obama in Washington, D.C. on Monday.  The heads of those two states haven’t had a face-to-face meeting since 1966.

A US diplomat arrested by Russian police for alleged spying has been declared “persona non grata” and has left the country.

Gay marriages will begin in a matter of days in France;  Israel may be settling on “the devil we know” regarding Syria;  And North Korea launches three missiles in a way that makes you wonder if they’re serious.  Let the News begin!