A toddler born without a windpipe received an artificial trachea made from her own stem cells, the first child to receive a tissue-engineered trachea devoid of any donor cells.

A worker at a meat processing plant in the Pacific Northwest state of Oregon is dead of horrific wounds suffered after falling into the meat blender.  Authorities last year had warned the operators that such an accident was possible.

Italy’s new Prime Minister Enrico Letta says he will move quickly to stimulate economic growth and jobs, while easing some of the unpopular austerity measures that a growing number believe are actually choking the economy.

The most-hated man in Bangladesh was paraded before reporters and a good number of the public today for his first court date in connection with the building collapse that killed hundreds.

Police in Brazil moved in and occupied three favelas surrounding the famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue overlooking Rio De Janeiro’s skyline.  The operation was connected to the impending visit of Pope Francis in July.

Two rockets were fired at a crowded Russian passenger plane over Syria, according to the Interfax News Agency.  The passengers were not harmed.

US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have discussed security issues, including the apparent use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Civil War, as well as the Boston Marathon Bombing.  It was the two presidents' second phone contact since the bombing.

It's down to seven workers from South Korea who remain at the Kaesong industrial complex, the joint North-South business venture that’s become a point of contention on the peninsula.

The American CIA attempted to buy influence with Afghan President Hamid Karzai by delivering Tens of Millions of US Dollars in suitcases, backpacks, and shopping bags.  And the practice went on for more than a decade according to a published report.

Two big-name European mountain climbers and their Sherpa guides got into a big fight high up on Mount Everest, forcing the foreign mountaineers to return to base camp.

Greek civil servants lose their tenure, new promises rehabilitate a disgraced political coalition, and never look down the barrel of a harpoon gun when cleaning it.

A man with a knife started shouting about “fake preachers” when he got up out of the pew and stabbed four people at a Roman Catholic church in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Two cops and a pregnant woman are hurt after a man opened fire with a handgun outside the offices of Italy’s new Prime Minister as he was being sworn in a different building nearby.  Premier Enrino Letta was not hurt.

The Taliban’s drive to derail upcoming elections in Pakistan has killed nine more people.  Two bombs went off at political offices in the country’s northwest.

Japan for the first time over the weekend marked “Restoration of Sovereignty Day”, the anniversary of its regaining its independence in 1952 after losing it to the Allies in World War Two.

Police in Bangladesh have arrested the fugitive owner of the Rana Plaza building that collapsed last week, killing at least 377 people.

Deadlock gets the boot in Italy, two people are finally arrested in the Bangladesh building collapse although the building’s owner is still in hiding, and Feds in America say this time they really do have the man who mailed poisoned letters to the President.

A piece of debris from America’s worst terrorist attack is found in a strange place, world leaders take a cautious approach to news of chemical weapons being used in the Syrian Civil War, and Russia is stepping backwards away from the progress taking root in the rest of the world.

An errant bus driver in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai thought he had trapped the perfect sexual assault victim, a western woman whom he trapped on his bus in a back alley.  She turned out to be a well-trained US Navy Sailor on leave who beat the living crap out of him.

Venezuela says it has arrested an American intelligence agent who was trying to foment violence.  Friends say they have a “kid with a camera”.

The owner of the building that collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh is in hiding as questions mount about assurances he reportedly gave that the building was safe.  The death toll is now at least 275 people killed.