Syria is blaming “terrorists” for a massive car bomb explosion in central Damascus outside the headquarters of the ruling Ba’ath Party and near a school and the entrances to the Russian Embassy.  Children from the school are among the dozens killed, and hundreds more people are wounded. 

Mankind’s time at the top of the evolutionary pyramid may be growing short, as crafty members of the air, land, and sea branches of animal kingdom are learning to break of our best secrets. 

The lead detective in the Oscar Pistorius murder is himself facing attempted murder charges in an unrelated case.  Olympic sprinter Pistorius is denying charges he deliberately shot and killed his girlfriend Reeve Steenkamp.

Around 60,000 protesters flooded the streets of Athens and other cities in Greece’s first massive anti-austerity demonstrations of the year.  Despite the peaceful nature of the demonstration, police got violent in a couple of cases

Egypt’s increasingly authoritarian regime is limiting the sale of Alcohol.  This is ringing alarm bells with Liberals and human rights activists who say the country’s Islamist leaders are creeping in on personal freedoms.  

91-year-old Prince Philip is known for his verbal gaffes and did not disappoint during a goodwill visit to the cardiac unit a London hospital.  He told a Filipina nurse that her country must be “half empty” because so many from there at in the UK “running the NHS”.

British Prime Minister David Cameron in India visited the site of one of Britain’s worst-ever massacre of civilians during the colonial era.  There he became the first UK leader to express regret over the Jallianwala Bagh (Amritsar ) massacre, but he stopped just short of apologizing.

A Syrian SCUD-Type missile killed more than 20 people in a rebel-held area of the North City of Aleppo, as the government increasingly turns to long-range weapons to compensate for losing bases to the insurgents.

Bulgaria’s entire government stepped down after widespread and violent protests by people shocked by higher power prices,.  It's the latest government to collapse in another sign that European Austerity measures are not working.

South African authorities are admitting a mistake by one of the police testifying at yesterday’s hearing for Oscar Pistorius, the Olympic Sprinter accused of murdering his girlfriend model Reeva Steenkamp.

Bruce Lee never fails to fascinate.  Even 40 years after his death, you can’t type B-R-U-C into Google’s search bar without autofill assuming you’re looking for information about the world’s first (and some insist greatest) Martial Arts movie star.  And now, the mysterious clouds surrounding his most-talked about fight may soon be parted.  Or get more cloudy.

Critics have long condemned China’s economic growth as coming at the expense of air and water quality, and therefore at the expense of peoples’ health.  Officials don’t respond or deny there is a problem.  So a businessman is offering officials $32,000 for swimming in a polluted river.

Hackers are keeping computer security people very busy at Apple and Facebook.  What’s not clear is if these attacks are related to what’s coming from a building in Shanghai that a new report says is the base of the Chinese Military’s high-tech hijinks.

Nearly 200 people are under arrest in a vast crackdown on the illegal timber trade from Central and South America.  Interpol says it seized $A8 Million in illegally harvested timber from the region's rainforests.

The search is on for a French family of seven kidnapped by Islamic Extremists in northern Cameroon.  Heavily armed men on motorbikes picked up the three adults and four children in the northern region near the border with Nigeria.

Ireland’s Premier Enda Kenny has issued the government’s first apology to women imprisoned and forced to work for no pay at the Roman Catholic Church’s Magdalene Laundries.  The Taoiseach had been under fire for his silence in the two weeks since a report on the State’s involvement with the scheme.

Oscar Pistorius and South African prosecutors are offering radically different theories about the shooting death of his girlfriend, model and TV personality Reeva Steenkamp.  He denies premeditation, however does not deny that he shot her to death.

Soldier, you’re not helping.
An Israeli soldier apparently took a photo down the scope of a rifle aimed at what appears to be the back of a Palestinian boy’s head.  Making matters worse, the soldier who posted the photo to the Internet is barely an adult himself, only 20-years old.

Flying into Quito International Airport in Ecuador will no longer be the death-defying experience that terrified pilots and passengers for the past 53-years.  The South American country is FINALLY opening a new airport 44 kilometers away in an area where pilots don’t have to dodge mountains and buildings on the way in and out.

Papua New Guinea authorities are charging two people with accusing a woman of burning a woman alive because they claimed she was a witch.  The horrific murder was caught on video and uploaded to the Internet where it was millions around the world.

Armed robbers disguised as police pulled off a massive Diamond Heist at Brussels Airport in Belgium.  Broadcast reports say the gang made off with about $A50 Million in jewels.