Two terrorists disguised as cricketers attacked and killed 5 Indian paramilitary police in the disputed region of Kashmir.  The hand grenade attack injured seven bystanders before the terrorists were shot and killed.

Two countries will investigate two suspicious deaths of two historically significant men - The Vatican interregnum continues - And who’d have thought Shanghai even HAD that many dead pigs?  Yep, it got a LOT worse.  
All that, the angry dad at a Macca's near Perth, and a lot more:

Some faces at the Vatican are redder than a Bishop’s skullcap after it became public that several priests and a Cardinal live in comfortable quarters in a building shared with Rome’s biggest gay bathhouse.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is threatening to turn a disputed island into a “sea of fire” in the latest grandiose and overly dramatic threat from Pyongyang.  Kim is upset over U.S.-South Korean war games and economic sanctions.

You have to wonder what kind of atrocity it will take to shake America into truly facing its gun problem.  The latest is the death of a 6-month-old baby girl who was shot several times while her father changed her diaper.

Ecuador is yanking the political rights of a former presidential candidate for a year, after he was judged guilty of making homophobic comments.  LBGT rights advocates are hailing the decision as a “milestone”.

Senior Iranian clerics are attacking President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for one of the few decent things he ever did:  Consoling Hugo Chavez’s mother with a hug.  Physical contact across gender lines is considered a sin under Iran’s strict Islamic codes.

An international team of archeologists and laborers are excavating an ancient Buddhist city south of Kabul, Afghanistan while they can.  The site is due to become an open pit copper mine that would result in the destruction of all of the ruins dating as far back as 300 B.C.E.

NATO troops are killed in a chopper crash in an area where Aussies are stationed, Oscar Pistorius’ family denies suicide claims, and the European Union is concerned about a member nation sliding backwards into right-wing authoritarianism.  That and a lot more in Your World News update.

China’s dead pig mystery got a lot worse:  Officials now say 2,00 to 3,300 dead pigs have been pulled out of a river that provides Shanghai with its drinking water.  And residents are getting a little nervous.

The Queen missed Monday’s Commonwealth Day festivities in London but delivered a recorded message some believe contains an important step forward in LGBT rights.

Oscar Pistorius is reportedly on the “verge of suicide”, according to a family friend.  The Olympic Sprinter is charged with murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, he claims he shot her by accident mistaking her for a burglar.

At least two U.S. Soldiers were shot dead and 10 are wounded in a so-called “insider attack” that also claimed a number of Afghan troops.  It comes at a time of deteriorating relations between President Hamid Karzai and the Americans who prop up his regime.

North Korean state media says the Hermit Kingdom has carried out its threat to nullify the armistice that ended the Korean War in the early 1950s.  Pyongyang is angry over joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises and tighter international sanctions.

Terrorists murder western hostages, Japan is dealing with an unwelcome gift from China, and just what the heck was Stonehenge all about, anyway?  Click that “Read More” button and find out:

Earthquakes are shaking just to the north of Oz, Human Rights abuses in Fiji are getting international attention (thanks to the Internet), and the defendant in a notorious crime in India dies in his jail cell.  That and more when you click “Read More”.

Tens of thousand of marchers occupied the streets of Madrid and other Spanish cities, protesting a record unemployment rate of 5 million jobless workers as Spain soaks in its second major recession in three years.  Major protests like these are now happening every couple of weeks.

A high-ranking cleric in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church might have a problem with “eternity” after failing to sell the Rolex watch that he claimed he would rather not enter heaven wearing.

Democracy gives us a voice in what happens in the world.  Here then is a wrap up of ballots and bickering that may have ripple effects upon your corner of Oz.  Hey, you never know:

More than 9 hundred dead pigs have been pulled out of a river near Shanghai, China, and Chinese environmental officials are trying to determine why this is happening.

Two years after the fourth most-powerful earthquake ever recorded on this planet, we’re still learning amazing facts about the sheer power behind the 11 March 2011 disaster that devastated the northeast coast of Japan:  It was heard on the edge of space.