South Korea inaugurated its first female president, who promptly issued a stern warning to the Nuclear North.  President Park Geun-hye called on Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

The ever health conscious Vladimir Putin has signed a tough new anti-smoking bill into law.  The Russian president is gradually turning the Motherland into a "No Smoking" zone, forbidding puffing away in most public places.

The death of a Palestinian prisoner in Israeli custody over the weekend is bringing criticism from Egypt, showing the end of the old order in Middle East geopolitics.

Now that Raul Castro has officially said he will step down when he completes his final term as President of Cuba five years from now, we’re getting an idea of who may be in charge at the end of the decade.

The selection of a new Pope is about to take place the same way that Benedict XVI’s reign is ending:  Under the dark cloud of scandal.  Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien is quitting and pulling out of the Vatican Conclave amid reports he acted inappropriately with Catholic priests under him.

Europe’s Horsemeat scandal has trotted into one of the continent’s biggest retailers, furniture giant Ikea, which pulled its signature Swedish Meatballs off of the shelves in 14 countries.

Geologists are on the verge of what could be a great discovery:  They’re mapping what could be the remains of a previously unknown continent beneath the floor of the Indian Ocean.

Japan sent a military icebreaker ship to the Southern Ocean to protect its whaling fleet against the anti-whaling activists.  So says Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd as he shadows the Japanese whalers.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is ordering US Special Forces out of Wardak province southwest of Kabul.  He accuses the Americans and U.S.-trained Afghan groups of kidnappings and killings in

As Egypt finds itself poised dangerously closer to civil war, the ruling Muslim Brotherhood and opposition parties are trying to sway the balance of power by wooing the all-important military.  But publicly, the military is calling for a resolution of political turmoil.

It turns out that Oscar isn't the only Pistorius facing homicide charges.  The Olympic sprinter’s older brother is himself charged with culpable homicide in a deadly highway collision.

North Korea’s detonation of a nuclear weapon on 12 February set the frost of a new Cold War in East Asia.  Not between Pyongyang and the West, but between North Korea and its long-suffering allies in Beijing who’ve finally lost patience.

Japanese Sensors have detected a trace amount of radiation off the central coast of the main Island of Honshu.  The lack of detectable radiation from North Korea’s 12 February nuclear weapon test has so far confounded scientists wondering what North Korea is up to.

‘Twas a busy weekend about the continent with the race against horsemeat, elections, and protesters have had enough of corruption and failed austerity programs.  

When Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement, there was just as much speculation over what would happen to his Twitter account, as there was speculation as to who would succeed him.  Now the Vatican is clarifying its answer.

U Can’t Touch This, or at least a California Mall Cop should have known when he tried to arrest Rapper Stanley Kirk Burrell, better known to the world as MC Hammer.  The subject of this police action is suggesting “racial profiling” had more than a little to do with it.

Looks like he’s really doing it.  French actor Gerard Depardieu is now officially a resident of the Russian city of Saransk, where he swore he’d go if France raises taxes on the wealthy.

Dozens of fans were hurt, some seriously, at a NASCAR race in Daytona Beach, Florida when a car crashed into the fence and rained used auto parts over the onlookers and their video cameras.  Despite the wreck and injuries, NASCAR says the Daytona 500 will go on Sunday on the very same track.

From Radioactive Waste possibly leaking into a major American waterway to a Gay Sex scandal in the Vatican, it's time to spin the globe and find out what's going on before enjoying a lovely Sunday.

Syria’s two-year-old civil war may be about to get a lot more complicated with the potential entry of Hezbollah on the battlefield.

Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius is free after posting A$109,000 in the case of his murdered girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.  The magistrate ordered Pistorius to surrender his passport and guns and stay away from the crime scene.