A 60-year old Serbian Military veteran with a handgun shot and killed 13 people in a rampage outside Belgrade.  Many of the victims appear to be members of the gunman’s extended family.

As North Korea’s joint venture with the South appears to be, for all intents and purposes, shut down, Japan is responding to weeks of threats and bluster.  The Japanese Self Defense Force (SDF) is deploying Patriot Missile batteries in key positions around Tokyo to defend the 30 Million people who live in the Megalopolis.

Cops are helpless to stop a gruesome crime in Papua New Guinea;  A court upholds the death sentence for a drug-smuggling British Granny;  Beware of polecats (sort of) posing as poodles;  And farewell to an actress who personified that era before the baby boomers lost their innocence.

A senior North Korean official is assuring Chinese tour operators that there will be no war on the Korean Peninsula, even while Pyongyang was cranking up its bellicose rhetoric.

The Irish Medical Organization (IMO) is blocking Dublin’s plans to expand Women’s’ Reproductive Rights.  Many in Ireland are demanding Abortion Rights after the death of Savita Halappanavar, who couldn’t get a doctor to terminate the failed pregnancy that killed her.

Armed robbers pulled off a daring heist in the north of Italy, spraying two armored cars with bullets and getting away with an huge haul of gold bars and cash, in a real life remake of the classic Michael Caine film “The Italian Job”.

The mixed legacy of Margaret Thatcher is being debated in conversation online, at coffee shops, and in the public forums after UK’s “Iron Lady” died following a stroke. 

Seven workers were killed in an industrial accent at the Grupo Modela brewery in Mexico City, the company that makes Corona Beer.

Police in Germany are looking for some thieves who make really, really questionable dietary choices.  Perhaps they need to keep an eye out for jittery criminals with expanding waistlines, who never sleep?

South Korean sources say there is growing evidence that North Korea is going to do something:  Possibly a missile test coming up, but there is also ominous activity at the North’s nuclear test site.

Australia ranks among the worst nations when it comes to bringing Nazi war criminals to justice.  That’s according to the Simon Weisenthal Center, which brings the perpetrators of the holocaust to justice.

Japan is confirming a record low haul from its latest attempt at “research whaling”, blaming “unforgivable sabotage” by anti-whaling environmentalists:  Congratulations, Captain Paul Watson!

Protesters greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin in a place where they are actually free to protest Vladimir Putin:  In Germany, where he was promoting Russian goods at a trade fair.

More than half of the earthquake aid meant for Haiti instead went to American corporations.  And only One Percent went directly to Haitian companies.  Billions of dollars fell into a black hole and no one seems to be able to answer where the money wound up.

India arrested nine people after an illegally constructed high-rise building collapsed and killed 74 people near Mumbai.  It points to massive problem with the common practice of shoddily built structures and bribed officials turning the other way.

Chinese President Xi Jinping didn’t directly refer to North Korea in biting comments about maintaining stability in Asia.  But it wasn’t too difficult to tell who he was talking about.

As America mourned the deaths of five of its personnel in Afghanistan, a NATO air strike that claimed eight Taliban fighters also killed 10 children and two women.  Both attacks occurred in the eastern part of the country near the border with Pakistan.  One of the Taliban was reportedly a senior commander.

China takes more steps to contain the new strain of potentially deadly Bird Flu;  Hundreds of thousands demand more, not less, repression;  And DNA catches a macabre killer years after the crime.

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It costs way too much for the average Chinese worker to live in Beijing.  And now, skyrocketing funeral and grave prices mean that death is just as unaffordable.

The gunmen who murdered an environmental activist couple in Brazil have been convicted and each sentenced to 40 years in prison.  But the alleged mastermind of the attack was found not guilty and walked free.