Hello, Australia!  One million are on the move against a government they believe is inattentive to their needs in Brazil; One of the world’s highest-paid athletes is accused of tax evasion; Breathing isn’t so easy in Singapore;  And just a reminder, 7-year olds are NOT designated drivers.

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin met on the sidelines of the G8 Summit going on in Northern Ireland, to discuss Syria.  And they didn’t agree on how to deal with the bloody civil war, as they back opposing sides.

What began as a demonstration over a modest increase in bus fares has exposed widespread dissatisfaction with the state of Brazil’s economy.  In fact, protesters swarmed the nation’s capital building, an amazing scene captured on video.

Julian Assange extends his reservations at the Ecuadoran London embassy; China is getting really, really good at computers; and a hard and lengthy dispute against stiff opposition finally reaches its climax.

Alaska State Troopers say alcohol played a role in a real mess when a man broke the one rule, the only thing you absolutely need to know in America’s 49th state:  DO NOT FEED THE BEARS.  Yeah, he fed a bear.

For the first time, Turkey’s Islamic-rooted ruling party is threatening to use the full military to suppress protests against Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s autocratic and increasingly violent rule.

Villagers in Papua New Guinea have formed a protective ring around a teenage girl so police can’t investigate her for beheading her rapist father.

Steps to eradicate Polio from one of the only three countries that still has it are met with murder;  A nation-wide strike is called in Turkey on Monday against Prime Minister Erdogan;  Putin says he didn’t steal that ring!  It was totally a gift! 

The Group of Eight will meet in Northern Ireland on Monday, and world leaders are already descending on the Lough Erne golf resort, amid unprecedented security.

As the UK prepares to host the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland on Monday and Tuesday, there is word that delegates allies were among those snooped on when they attended two G20 summit meetings in London in 2009. 

Czech Prime Minister Petr Necas is stepping down on Monday, after prosecutors charged his closest aide with corruption and abuse of power.

As the Eurozone’s austerity crisis drags on and takes down more and more citizens with it, people have been forced to come up with new and more creative ways to draw attention to their plight.  In Spain, they’re turning to Flamenco.

The idea of western powers providing arms to Syrian Rebels fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad is running up against opposition at home and abroad.

North Korea says it’s ready to discuss easing tension and nuclear weapons and is proposing high-level talks with the United States.

Vladimir Putin (allegedly) steals a Superbowl Ring, the US is leaving some serious military hardware right next to Syria (the kind that could enforce a “No Fly Zone”), Morsi picks a side in the Syrian question, and lot more awaits you in the CareerSpot World News Round Up:

Skepticism greets President Obama’s decision to arm Syrian Rebels;  Turkey’s PM backs down on the issue that led to nationwide protests against him;  And no matter the length of time, there is no statute of limitations protecting nazi war criminals.

Most of Antarctica’s Ice melt is occurring from the bottom up and is driven by warm ocean waters.  The findings of this new research are changing the conventional wisdom about Polar Ice Melt.

A vandal used spray paint to scrawl the word “Help” across a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey, one painted by Aussie-born artist Ralph Heimans.  Police arrested a suspect at the church.

Argentina's former President Carlos Menem has been sentenced to seven years in prison for illegally selling weapons to countries at war when he was in office during the 1990s.

Explosions, Train crashes, evil Jellyfish, water wars, and dumb art collectors:  it’s all awaiting you in CareerSpot’s collection of World News Briefs.

The White House is now formally accusing the Syrian Regime of crossing a “red line” and using chemical weapons including Sarin Gas against rebel forces during that country’s bloody civil war.