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The coalition failed to win over crossbenchers for its signature legislation that would have cracked down on unions, dubbed by Labor as the "Union Busting Bill".

Scientists warn "we are in a state of planetary emergency" and that we may already have crossed a series of climate change tipping points, creating an "existential threat to civilization".

The ex-Secretary of the US Navy has struck back at Donald Trump for repeatedly involving himself in the case of a Navy SEAL credibly accused by his own brothers-in-arms of war crimes.

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Uber is appealing the city of London, UK's decision to revoke the ride-hailing company's license to operate in the British capital.

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A Dutch doctor has died in "strict isolation" in hospital after being evacuated from Africa with an Ebola-like virus that causes hemorrhagic fever.

The Trump administration asked for the resignation of US Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer after learning about a private proposal he made to the White House involving disgraced Navy SEAL.

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The American Medical Association will throw the weight of the US medical establishment behind state and federal efforts to ban the scientifically discredited practice of attempting to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is warning in its new report of risks to the world economy spark a slowdown.

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A federal jury in the US border state of Arizona quickly returned a not guilty verdict in the case of an activist who was charged because he gave water and shelter to two men crossing the blazing desert from Mexico.

A forest defender from southern Mexico who was the subject of death threats and attacks from illegal loggers has turned up more than a week after dropping out of the public eye.

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An Australian coral scientist says a right-wing think-tank misrepresented her study in its mini-documentary about the Great Barrier Reef.

An environmental and indigenous rights activist has disappeared in Mexico's Oaxaca state after receiving death threats from illegal loggers in the area.

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