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A major newspaper in America's largest city will on Friday's cover depict the current occupant of the White House as a pile of feces after Donald Trump made a vulgar racist comment about where people of color might want to immigrate to the US.  It's an unprecedented gutting of the dignity and credibility of the US presidency under Trump.

Telsa and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is confirming he attended a notorious sex party in Silicon Valley that was depicted in a new tell-all book exposing the excesses of the tech world's "bro" culture.

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US emergency management officials accompanied by military engineers and an armed security contingent raided a warehouse where Puerto Rico's power company was apparently hoarding critical supplies needed to restore electricity to the island territory.

Territory Generation is considering building the world's second largest battery to supply reliable, renewable power to Darwin and Katherine in the Northern Territory.

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China is still the world's big emitter of greenhouse gasses, but it is moving towards becoming a global leader in renewable technology as the US pulls away.

A Republican-controlled US regulator unexpectedly rejected a Trump administration plan to assist coal-fired and nuclear power plants with subsidies.

Climate change is causing the oceans to warm, which is changing the range of the deadly Irukandji Jellyfish so that it is appearing further and further south along the Queensland Coast.

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DB Schenker has been awarded a five-year contract to provide international freight forwarding and customs clearance services to Shell Australia.

The giant logistics and transportation trade show MEGATRANS2018 will feature a logistics technology summit conducted by the Australian Logistics Council.

North Korea agreed to send athletes, a cheer squad and a delegation of high-ranking officials to next month's Winter Olympics in South Korea.  It's a big breakthrough after months of escalating tensions over the North's rapidly advancing nuclear and missile programs.

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Hospital emergency rooms in California are overwhelmed and pharmacies are running out of the main drug for combating the flu - just one of the hot spots as America experiences a particular nasty flu season.

Oprah Winfrey delivered a rousing speech at Hollywood's first Golden Globe Awards show since the sexual harassment scandal, telling young women that "a new day is on the horizon".  But there is widespread speculation that the speech was aimed far beyond the stars gathered at the Beverly Hilton.

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The iconic Aussie surfwear company Billabong says there will be no job cuts in the short-term after it agreed to a $380 Million takeover bid.