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Former prime minister Tony Abbott waded into the debate over whether Australia should give "special attention" to white South African farmers by claiming 400 of them had been murdered over the past twelve months.  Problem is, that's not close to accurate.

Facebook says more than 300,000 Australians had their personal information mined by the British political consultant Cambridge Analytica, which allied with Donald Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

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A new study suggests that climate change is affecting the southern polar region on a much larger scale than previously believed, with a hidden ice melt pattern that is troubling climate scientists.

Cape Town officials say Day Zero - the day the municipal water system runs dry and people will have to queue with jugs - will not come this year afterall, as reservoirs begin to re-fill.

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The South Australian government is clearing the way for the second phase of the $916 million Carrapateena copper-gold project by granting a mining lease to Oz Minerals.

With more and more consumers doing their shopping online, more are desiring the products arrive when they're actually at home to receive it, revealing a potential opportunity in the Logistics world.

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The former Korean Air Lines executive whose tantrum over a bag of macadamias got her tossed in jail will return to a top management gig elsewhere in the family run company.

The British multinational bank Barclays has agreed to pay the United States $2 Billion to settle a lawsuit over the sale of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS).

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Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg is resisting a push from some coalition members to nationalize AGL's ailing Liddell coal-fired power station.

Instead of demolishing Stadium Australia and rebuilding, the government of New South Wales has settled on a plan to renovate the structure originally constructed to serve the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics.

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Critics are blasting Poland's far right government for trying to silence environmental defenders planning to attend the UNited Nations COP24 climate talks in the country later this year.

Schoolchildren in France will begin their education at age three instead of age six, the age at which most European countries send their kids to school.  It's part of President Emmanuel Macron's plan to shake up the education system.

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