Global warming will lead to tens of thousands of additional heat-related deaths every year in China, according to a new study.

Unusually high ocean temperatures are being detected around the world more frequently than researchers previously expected, disrupting marine ecosystems and the people who depend on them.

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A top US Agriculture Department (USDA) scientist has quit because the Trump administration buried his research showing the climate change is reducing the nutritional properties of food grains such as rice.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will not oppose Wesfarmers acquisition of the online retailer Catch Group for $230 Million.

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The comment board popular with white nationalists and mass murderers is going to be someone else's probem after US company Cloudfare announced it will no longer provide internet services to the controversial site.

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Australian retailers posted a 0.4 percent rise in sales in the month of June, despite warnings of a retail apocalypse caused by online commerce.

A crucial by-election loss has dealt a major blow to the UK's new Prime Minsiter Boris Johnson and reduced the Tory majority in Parliament to just one.

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A bill that would advanced Women's Reproductive Rights by decriminalizing abortions has finally been introduced in the New South Wales parliament.

Former Foreign Minister and Liberal Party deputy leader Julie Bishop has landed at Australian National University (ANU), six months after leaving federal politics.

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Despite growing calls to do something to protect the planet, standing up to polluters can be deadly according to a new report.

Australia will partner with the US and Japan to combat one of biggest resources issues in the world today, which is China's dominance over the mining and processing of heavy minerals.

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Kairos Minerals reports that a field exploration operation at the Croydon project in the Pilbara has yielded 223 gold nuggets totalling 656 grams (12.1 ounces).

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