Oceanographers are urging more research on a mariner's discovery of a giant "raft" of plastic debris concentrated in an area covering more than 2.5 Million square kilometers of the South Pacific.

People looking to lose some weight have long turned to artificial sweeteners to avoid the pitfalls of ingesting too much sugar.  But new research suggests popping the tab on that diet soda is potentially opening up a world of trouble.

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The federal government says it will crackdown on "unscrupulous" employers who hold back their workers' superannuation entitlements to boost their own cash flows.

Two AFL executives were forced to resign after being caught in "inappropriate relationships with two younger women who work in the AFL industry".

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Fake Native American art is threatening indigenous livelihoods, and the real craftspeople want the US government to step up its enforcement of a law prohibiting sales of counterfeit tribal art.

Labor is accusing a Turnbull government MP of scaremongering after he speciously claimed that renewable energy will cause hardship and death in Australia.

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The New South Wales government bought back a majority of a controversial mining license issued for a huge Chinese-run coal mine to protect prime agricultural land in the Liverpool Plains.

High levels of nitrate in deep-bore wells serving Western Australia remote indigenous are being linked to numerous health problems, including diabetes and kidney disease.

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Over 500 million years, the Earth has had five mass-extinction events.  Now, scientists say the sixth is underway and humans are to blame.

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Screening rates for Type-2 diabetes are so low that as many as a half-million Australians may have the disease, but they don't know it.

Cosco Shipping is offering US$6.3 billion to acquire the container carrier Hong Kong's Orient Overseas International Ltd (OOIL).  If it goes through, the deal will make Cosco of mainland China the world's third-largest shipping line.

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