Good Morning Australia!! - Brazilians blame budget cuts for destroying their national heritage - Argentina announces deep austerity - How the Anti-racists outnumbered the far-right ten-to-one in Chemnitz - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

People who suffered a stroke have double the risk of developing dementia, which has scientists calling for more investment in promoting the healthy lifestyles that reduce the chances of stroke.

Christine Forster, the sister of former prime minister Tony Abbott, will not compete for preselection in the Wentworth by-election.

Firefighters lost the battle as flames took mere hours to consume Rio de Janeiro's iconic National Museum of Brazil.  It is feared that not one of the 20 million artifacts and display items survived the devastating blaze.

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Hello Australia!! - McCain's Funeral was laced with barely veiled barbs aimed at Trump - Brazil's election court blocks Lula - A Russian passenger plane burns after landing - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Good Morning Australia!! - Two memorials show two distinct sides of America - Germany's right-wing riots were preceded by a leak -  Trump cuts off the Palestinians- And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

A Greens MP says the Peter Dutton may have misled parliament about his involvement in allowing two European nannies working for connected families to stay in Australia against the advice of the border force.

Argentina's Central Bank hiked its benchmark interest rate to 60 percent - the highest in the world - but even that desperate measure failed to halt a sharp slide in the value of the peso, which plunged to a record low.

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Peter Dutton overruled advice from a senior AFP official when he stopped a French nanny from being deported.  AFL boss Gillon McLachlan had lobbied Dutton for the woman to stay.

Within hours of the Florida Primary offering voters a stark contrast between a Bernie Sanders-backed progressive and a Donald Trump-allied Congressman for Governor, the latter took the race straight into the abyss of racist mud-slinging.

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Researchers say a meteor that broke up and lit up the sky over Perth when it hit the atmosphere last night might have fallen to ground somewhat intact.

Fed up with what she calls the Liberal's "cultural and gender bias, bullying and intimidation" of women in politics, MP Julia Banks says she will not contest her marginal seat in the next election.

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German officials condemned a second day and night of xenophobic mob actions in an eastern city, while a growing far-right political party seemed to cheer it on.  And the person whose murder supposedly sparked the unrest would likely be disgusted at the rioters.

Australians are having more and more stuff shipped, according to two new indicators that show the importance of logistics to the economy.

Air pollution causes a huge reduction in intelligence, which is a frightening prospect when you consider that 95 percent of the world's population is breathing unsafe air.

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A weight loss drug is being hailed as a "holy grail" pill because testing has shown that it does not increase a patient's risk of heart disease.