Indonesian authorities struck a blow against rampant illegal lumber smuggling in the country's easternmost region by intercepting a shipment of 21 containers of prized ironwood from Papua.

Donald Trump has accepted a North Korean invitation to meet with Kim Jong-un "as soon as possible". 

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Donald Trump has quizzed at least two associates about what they discussed with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian influence on his 2016 presidential campaign and administration.

Federal Police (AFP) are investigating two Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) workers for allegedly using the bureau's powerful computers to "mine" cryptocurrencies.

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Fiji has raised eyebrows by replacing the country's chief climate negotiator Nazhat Shameem Khan midway through her term with little fanfare and no explanation.

Two years after the murder of Honduran green and indigenous rights campaigner Berta Caceres, two dozen Latin American and Caribbean nations have signed on to a pact that sets legal protections for land defenders.

Republicans in Washington, DC are fretting about more chaos as another one of the "grown ups" departs the White House.  Gary Cohn threw in the towel after the orange clown Donald Trump went against his advice and sent America careening towards a trade war.

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The Queensland government has given its approval to the Port of Cairns' Environmental Impact Statement, putting the upgrade project a step closer to completion.

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South Africa health officials say they have finally traced the sources of a listeria outbreak that has infected 940 people and killed 180 over the past year, making it the worst currently and probably one of the worst in history.

A patient is "progressing well" after being mistaken for another patient, brought into an operating room, and undergoing unnecessary brain surgery.

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About 330,000 Holden cars in Australia will be recalled because of the potentially deadly problems with their Takata air bags.

The embattled owner of Donut King and Gloria Jean's will attempt to deal with declining sales by closing as many as 200 outlets, cutting costs, and reviewing its business model.

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Federal Jobs Minister Michaelia Cash is taking back her threat to repeat unverified rumors of a sexual nature about female staff in Opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten's office.