The ABC has written to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to ask that police actions against two journalists be halted.  

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Hawaii has become the 26th US state to decriminalize Cannabis.

France is planning to introduce an "eco-tax" for all flights from French airports, with the money raised going to be invested in in less-polluting transport, such as railroads.

A state court in Brazil convicted mining company Vale SA for damages caused by the deadly rupture of a tailings dam in January that left 247 people dead and 23 still missing.

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Queensland will have two parallel investigations after the death of a mining worker over the weekend, which has caused immeasurable grief to the man's family and tension between the unions, the industry, and the state government.

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Deutsche Bank announced it will exit the global equities sales and trading business and cut 18,000 jobs in a sweeping reorganization to improve profitability.

A UK officials visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo says international health officials shouldn't wait and must declare the current Ebola outbreak an international emergency.

The Queensland mining union is declaring a "safety crisis" after a 27-year old man died at a coal mine west of Gladstone, the latest in a string of worker fatalities.

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Brazil's federal police plan to investigate the "financial activities" of American journalist Glenn Greenwald, whose website The Intercept published leaks showing collusion between prosecutors and the graft-busting judge who became the country's justice minister.

New anti-terror laws that would prevent any citizen suspected of unsanctioned fighting in the Iraq and Syria Wars from returning to Australia for up to two years has been introduced in Parliament.

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Chinese authorities are reportedly installing surveillance software on the phones of tourists coming in over certain border crossings.  

The brutal heatwave that baked Europe from Portugal to Poland was made more likely to happen by Global Warming caused by human activity, according to climate scientists.

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