A group of Tasmanian Tiger enthusiasts claim they've captured a living Thylacine on video footage - 80 years after the species was believed to have gone extinct.

Facing competition from Tesla and a growing number of automakers, Nissan is launching a new version of its Leaf all-electric car that can go 400 kilometers on a single charge.

Good Morning Australia!! - North Korea ominously promises more "gifts" for the US - Putin clears up his marital status with Trump - The UK roots out nazis in the military - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

After reports that authorities in the Russian republic of Chechnya abducted and abused at least a hundred LGBT people, Canada has been working behind the scenes to throw a lifeline to the Chechen gay community.

Shipping companies are racing to get in on the next wave of moving cargo from continent to continent, with major tests on autonomous ships to begin within a couple of years.

Good Morning Australia!! - The US says North Korea is "begging for war", while a South Korean official asks for small-scale nukes - Malala has stark words for a fellow Nobel Laureate - Cops capture a fugitive mafia drug lord - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Bolivia's annual "Day of the Pedestrian and Cyclist in Defense of Mother Earth" in which all but emergency motor vehicles are banned was a monumental success, with people enjoying the immediate benefits of cleaner air.

B Vitamins are among the most popular supplements for people looking for an energy boost, but a new study suggests that using too much vitamin B6 and B12 dramatically increases lung cancer in men.  And that higher risk is amplified in men who smoke. 

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Hello Australia!! - Thousands of people escape Myanmar violence by fleeing into Bangladesh - Widespread condemnation for the cop who arrested a nurse for doing her job - Fears grow the Texas floods are releasing deadly toxins into the environment - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Hello Australia!! - Hundreds are reported killed in Myanmar - Kenya throws out its presidential election - The US isn't counting out the founder of the so-called Islamic State - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Researchers have catalogued 381 previously-unknown species during a two-year study in the Amazon region.

The Trump administration picked a former private university official to head the Department of Education student loan fraud unit - which was created because of the bad behavior of the same private university.

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The government has denied an entry visa to Kent Heckenlively, who describes himself as the "world's number one anti-vaxxer", which pretty much stops his scheduled speaking tour in December.

A Brazilian federal court suspended a decree from President Michel Temer that would opened up parts of the Renca National Preserve to commercial mining and other development.

Good Morning Australia!! - Who is in charge in the US?  The picture has just become as murky as the flood water in Texas - Sad and angering stories are coming out of the massive flood zone surrounding Houston - Another Aussie lawmaker trips over Section 44 - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

The Japanese government says it will not lower its guard over its whaling fleet, even after Paul Watson said the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will not send ships to try to disrupt its whaling activities in the Southern Ocean this season.

A group of armed men claiming to represent the interests of the local Mapuche indigenous group raided a logging station in southern Chile, setting 29 logging trucks on fire.

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A crane operating on a barge near Sydney's Luna Park has collapsed and fallen into Sydney Harbour.  Witnesses say it came down with a loud noise.