Governor-General Peter Cosgrove signed the same sex marriage bill into law on Friday, a day after MPs overwhelmingly approved a historic bill.

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"Love has won and it is time to pop the bubbly," said Greens MP Adam Bandt after Parliament FINALLY passed the Same Sex Marriage bill.

Despite Donald Trump's announcement that his government will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel over Palestinian objections, none of America's close allies are following the move.  Especially Australia.

One worker was killed, and two more were injured while trying to rescue him from an accident inside a large vat inside an ink plant in Sydney's west.

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Rampant deforestation for activities such as palm oil production has reduced the Sumatran Tiger's habitat to the point that there are only two viable populations left.

People older than 60 and those with heart and lung problems are advised to exercise in green spaces rather than streetside, according to a new study that shows how air pollution from traffic fumes cancels out the positive benefits from exercise.

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Amazon has officially launched its online retail operation in Australia, offering millions of products and quick shipping options that promise to shake up bricks and mortar stores.

Honduran police - including the US-trained elite officers - announced they will no longer obey orders from the government until the political crisis is resolved.

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It's well established that Donald Trump has at best a casual relationship with the truth.  But now an eyewitness is bluntly knocking down Trump's latest attempt at revisionist history.

A West Australian woman in her 20s has died after contracting meningococcal disease.  The Health Department says she's the fifth victim the W strain of the meningococcal disease in the state so far this year.

It's now Labor's turn to deal with Section 44 of the Australian Constitution, as two senators face questions about dual citizenship and their eligibility to serve in Parliament.

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Two of Australia's most-iconic surfwear labels could become one as Quiksilver made a bid to take over Billabong International which values the company at around $200 Million.

South Australia formally switched on the world's largest lithium ion battery.  The project is designed to solve the state's problems with its energy demand.

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