The Port of Newcastle was granted membership of the International EcoPorts network, becoming the first port in Australia and New Zealand to commit to meeting the group's environmental and sustainability standards.

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Jordan is pushing ahead with ambitious plans to switch 20 percent of its power consumption to green energy by 2020.

Troubling new information is emerging about who the current Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo is impacting the most, and where the killer virus appears to be spreading, and how long it could last.

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Michigan State University ousted its interim president after he made insulting comments about the hundreds of women and girls who were sexually assaulted by the now-imprisoned campus sports doctor who worked with the US Olympic Gymnastics team.

Germany is considering following in Australia's footsteps and blocking the controversial Chinese tech firm Huawei from taking part in buildings its next generation mobile phone system.

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Australia's acting Foreign Minister Simon Birmingham expressed the government's concern over a Canadian man being sentenced to death for drug smuggling in China - but Beijing will have none of it.

The UK's Theresa May wasn't the only PM in Europe facing a no confidence measure.  Greece's Alexis Tsipras won a simple majority in a confidence vote, and with it the means to pursue a peaceful resolution to a long-standing dispute.

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The rate at which Antarctica is losing ice is about six times faster today than in 1979, and it has already pushed up the global sea level by more than half an inch.

History's second-largest Ebola outbreak has killed more than 400 people in the east and northeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to national health officials.

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December was the biggest-ever month for Australia post, which delivered more than 40 million parcels over the holiday season.  It's an 11.7 percent increase over the previous December.

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Doctors in China say a woman is expected to make a full recovery from an extremely rare condition that left her unable to hear the voices of men.

Blood donation centers in Gdansk, Poland will open early on Monday for people to come in and donate in solidarity with Mayor Pawel Adamowicz, who is in a very serious condition after being stabbed at a charity event.

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