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Zimbabwe wildlife officials are preparing for "the largest translocation of wildlife" in the country's history to save thousands of animals from a killer drought.

The Dutch government is planning to reduce the daylight highway speed limit after coalition parties agreed to the scheme to cut down no the small country's output of nitrogen oxide pollution.

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Deposed Bolivian President Evo Morales has boarded a Mexican Air Force jet and flew off to accept Mexico's offer of political asylum.

United Nations negotiators are in London this week for the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) meeting where they will discuss ways to cut back on pollution coming from the global shipping sector.

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Brazil's top court issued a ruling that could see ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and about 5,000 other inmates freed from prison.

Australia's central bank is out with its quarterly statement, declaring that Australia's $1.95 trillion economy is "gradually coming out of a soft patch".

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For a brief time this week, renewables supplied 50 percent of Australia's energy needs.  It's a first for Aussie renewable energy that the experts believe will become a regular event in the future.

The federal government has reached a deal to send more Murray River water to farmers and have Adelaide turn on the Port Stanvac Desalination to address the city's water needs.

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Dumped, lost, or abandoned fishing gear is the biggest plastic polluter in the earth's oceans, and a new Greenpeace report says it is deadly to marine life.

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More than 50 people have been sickened with gastroenteritis at Tangalooma Resort on Moreton Island and government health investigators say E coli bacteria was found in the drinking water.

Amazon is further expanding in Australia with a third fulfillment center (FC) in the Perth Airport Business Precinct that is expected to begin operations in late 2019.

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