The site of the former Holden facility at Fisherman's Bend in Victoria will become a seven hectare campus of the University of Melbourne's new Melbourne School of Engineering.

Australia has joined the international response to Russia's apparent nerve agent attack on a former double agent on British soil.  The government announced that two Russian diplomats would be expelled.

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Uber has thrown itself into reverse again and is pulling out of Southeast Asia, selling its ride-hailing and food delivery businesses to regional rival Grab.

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital will likely need to have reconstructive surgery on its emergency department, only eight months after opening.

Russian authorities have significantly raised the death toll from a fire that swept a movie theater and the top floor of a mall in southwestern Siberia.  At least 37 people are dead and scores are still missing.

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The American electronics retailer Best Buy has stopped ordering Huawei mobile phones and will stop selling Huawei products altogether over the next couple of weeks, in a major setback for the company some link to Chinese intelligence operations.

Here's how Thursday played out for the orange clown:  Donald Trump's lead defense attorney in the Russia investigation quit, he announced unexpected and unpopular tariffs on Chinese imports which tanked the Dow Jones more than 720 points, and his National Security Advisor quit.  Naturally, Trump replace him with one of the least-respected loose cannons available.

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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is reminding South Pacific nations of the aid that Australia has bestowed, as a China tries to make diplomatic, economic, and possibly military inroads in the region.

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman reportedly bragged about having Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner "in his pocket" and may have obtained highly sensitive intelligence from the President's Daily Briefing (PDB) in his violent crackdown on dissent.

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The White House national security staff gave the orange clown Donald Trump a cheat sheet with explicit instructions to avoid congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin for winning Russia's election.  Naturally, Trump ignored it.

India's high tech hub of economic growth is in danger of becoming the nation's first city to run out of water.  Uncontrolled growth is threatening the future of Bangalore.

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Too old to breed and unable to stand because of a debilitative disease, veterinarians reluctantly euthanized the world's last remaining male Northern White Rhino.  Only two females from the subspecies are left.

Norwegian resources giant Norsk Hydro is planning to invest US$64.5 Million in the water treatment system at Alunorte alumina refinery in Barcarena, Brazil, after admitting it is responsible for a series of leaks that have fouled the water supply for people living nearby.

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