Japanese researchers have set a new record for the efficiency of mass-produced solar panels, converting more of that solar energy hitting the panel into electricity.

Researchers have created a new type of sieve to filter out common salts in seawater to make it safe to drink.  The filter is made from graphene, a sort of miracle material known for its strength and conductivity that has scientists racing to find new applications.

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The price of Australian steel-making coal has jumped up 15 percent has producers have problems in the lingering after effects of Cyclone Debbie.

While the logistics sector is looking forward to using drone aircraft for package delivery in highly localized settings, a California company is working on a bigger dream:  Using drones to ship freight across the Pacific Ocean.

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Health officials across Europe are on high alert as a Measles outbreak moves across the continent, a place where the disease had almost been eliminated.  The outbreak is spreading because of pockets where the immunization rate has fallen below 95 percent.

Authorities in the Russian Federated Republic of Chechnya have reportedly rounded up more than a hundred gay men or suspected gay men, killing at least three of them. 

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The acclaimed Central European University (CEU) says it may have to leave its home of a quarter century in Hungary if right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban succeeds in pushing punitive and vindictive legislation.

The attorney for short-serving US National Security Advisor Michael Flynn says his client "has a story to tell" - but won't do so unless he receives immunity from prosecution.

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Argentina's President Mauricio Macri is expected to approve a bill to legalize the use of cannabis oil and other marijuana derivatives for medicinal purposes.

Deciding that water and the environment are most important, El Salvador's congress approved a landmark law to ban the mining of all metals.  It's believed the first such blanket ban in the world.

Disgraced former speaker Bronwyn Bishop is insisting she "did nothing wrong" after cutting short her involvement in a probe of her travel expenses, which she claims were no worse than any other MPs.

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The town of Cajamarca in Colombia held a referendum, and 98 percent of the people decided they didn't need the hassles or environmental threats of a new gold mine.  The government went ahead and approved the project anyway.

Conservationists are crediting anti-poaching efforts after camera traps caught images of a previously unknown population of ultra-rare Indochinese Tigers in a Thai jungle.

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