The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is considering recalling the popular heartburn medication Zantac over mounting concerns it has links to cancer.

Activists are pushing the German government to get rid of the last criminal restrictions on abortion and fully legalize Women's Reproductive Rights.

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Facebook will trial a program in Australia to try to ease the pressure of using social media by hiding the number of likes on users' posts.

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A troubling new international report says the earth's oceans are warming and rising at an ever-increasing pace, and the world isn't ready for the result.

Climate Change experts say it's nice that Prime Minister Scott Morrison talks about recycling and plastic in the ocean, but it has nothing to do with the much larger threat of man-made global warming and rising sea levels. 

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Employees of a google contractor in the eastern US city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania voted to Unionize in a historic action for white collar tech workers that could have ripple effects across the tech world.

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) legislature is expected to pass a private member's bill to legalize the growing and possession of cannabis for personal consumption.

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Google's Wing unit is partnering with logistics titan FedEx and the US retailer Walgreens to launch a first-of-its-kind drone delivery service in the state of Virginia next month.

The next time you see an Australia Post truck in Sydney's CBD, you might not see any smoke coming out of the back of it.  That's because the carrier is the first in the country to trial the world's first factory manufactured electric truck.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is accusing the government of Tanzania of deliberately withholding information about one confirmed and two suspected cases of Ebola virus disease.

When dozens of US and Canadian diplomats and their families in Cuba began showing symptoms of a mysterious illness, security officials were quick to blame an equally mysterious "sound weapon" right out of spy fiction.  

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The federal government will enforce new rules requiring local councils to hold Australia Day citizenship ceremonies on 26 January, after a number of them switched to other dates out of respect to indigenous Australians.