The insurance giant Suncorp says it will no longer cover new thermal coal mines and power stations and end all dealings with such by 2025.

Nissan Motors of Japan posted a big drop in profits for the first quarter and announced it will lay off 12,500 jobs around the world.

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A pair of new studies drive a stake through the heart of the claims of global warming skeptics who believe that the earth's rapidly-warming temperatures are part of some natural phenomenon.

Ricardo Rossello announced he is stepping down as governor of the US territory of Puerto Rico after an unprecedented groundswell of protests over his misogynist and homophobic texts.

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Researchers are marking the spot with a memorial plaque where a glacier once towered over Iceland's landscape - before global warming killed it.

Scientists are developing a new idea about the origins of a deadly fungus that they didn't even know about a decade ago - they think global warming might be to blame.

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When the new school year begins in a few weeks in the US state of Oregon, students who want a day off won't have to fake having a cold or cut class - they can just take a mental health day.

The outspoken health minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo has resigned in a turf war over vaccines being deployed to stem the Ebola outbreak which has killed more than 1,700 people.

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A major new study suggests it's possible to avoid developing dementia in old age, even if one believes they are genetically predisposed. 

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The worldwide problems caused by the deadly crashes of two 737 MAX 8 is causing Chicago-based Boeing set aside US$4.9 Billion, a move which will wipe out profits when the plane-maker announces its quarterly results next week.

National Australia Bank has appointed former Royal Bank of Scotland head Ross McEwan as its new Chief Executive.  The veteran executive will take the helm as NAB seeks to stem fallout from the financial services royal commission.

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Several Puerto Rican celebrities such as singer Ricky Martin have joined a movement demanding that the governor of the US territory resign amid a texting scandal.

Papua New Guinea officials will likely deport Australian Greens Senator Nick McKim after he attempted to visit the asylum seeker camp on Manus Island.