More and more information is getting out about the actions of the dead brother of accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dhzokhar Tsarnaev.  For one, he was a lousy husband.

Afghanistan is putting a limit on how long archeologists can excavate and recover ancient Buddhist ruins at a site destined to become a copper mine.

Two women shot at and injured by Los Angeles cops have reached a A$4 Million settlement with the city.  They were hurt during the manic manhunt for a rogue police officer.

Japanese and Chinese vessels are heading towards a possible confrontation in the waters near the disputed Senkaku Islands.

Syrian government forces have repeatedly used chemical weapons against rebels, according to a senior Israeli military official.

France’s parliament overwhelmingly approved Gay Marriage Rights after a few days of intense protesting from the minority who oppose equality.

So, imagine you’re a traffic cop on duty in Vietnam, and you pull over a driver.  And inside his car are a bunch of bags, strangely wiggling about.  It turned out the bags were not just filled with snakes, but with the scariest kind of snake:  53 deadly King Cobras.

China is facing many problems in recovering from Saturday’s magnitude 6.6 earthquake in Sichuan Province.  Landslides and aftershocks are thwarting rescue efforts.  And the Chinese Red Cross is not getting the donations that it once did.

The Taliban’s predatory instincts kicked in when a storm forced a helicopter ferrying foreign engineers to make an emergency landing in eastern Afghanistan; the militants moved in and kidnapped the foreigners.

Two wonderfully talented performers have left us, a multi-platinum selling American rocker is jailed after his actions allegedly killed a man, and the Internet meme that preceded “Gangnam Style” gets honored.

We’re learning more about the older brother of the teen charged in the deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon.  There’s a possible Australian connection to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, as cops are looking at whether he is linked to a grisly triple-murder involving a former roommate.

Federal authorities have charged Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with using a “weapon of mass destruction” to cause death, injury, and property damage.  More Federal and State charges will likely be filed later.

Members of Japan’s conservative ruling cabinet visited a controversial war shrine over the weekend, leading South Korea to cancel a scheduled high-level contact.

Investigators are trying to piece together a narrative of why the Boston Marathon Bombing went down the way it did, now that the surviving suspect has reportedly regained consciousness and is answering questions.

“Liberte, egalite, fraternite” is coming to marriage rights in France;  Voters restore democracy in one South American nation by electing a reputed thug;  185 people are dead after soldiers and insurgents don’t bother to watch out for civilians.  Ugh.  That and more in your World news Round-Up:

At least eighty people are dead, including women and children, after Syrian government troops moved in and recaptured a town near Damascus.

Despite mixed results in finding drugs to fight the H7N9 Bird Flu, China is reporting new infections and new fatalities.  Twenty people have now died from the disease that until a couple of weeks ago, had never been seen in humans.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is vowing to “exact a price” for a series of projectile attacks on Israel.  This was just hours after the latest rockets fell into an open Israeli area just outside Gaza.

North Korea has moved two more mobile launchers to its east coast.  It’s an indication of a possible missile launch, or just another bluff to remind the world that it’s still there.

The latest on the Boston Bombing investigation, fears for security at the London Marathon and Sochi Olympic Games, and a former dictatorship is rewarded for good behavior.

It’s Saturday Afternoon and the world is waiting for you.  Actually, you can read this later than Saturday Afternoon, most of the details will still be good.  A massive earthquake strikes crowded China, a famous Aussie is in trouble with the law, and it turns out people had a really, really good reason to be scared of the dentist in Tulsa, Oklahoma.