The first female mayor of Lima, Peru has survived a referendum to throw her out of office.  Mayor Susana Villarán got support from 52 percent of the city’s voters.

A private jet apparently had mechanical trouble on approach to the airport in South Bend, Indiana and crashed into a row of houses.  At least two people aboard the plane are dead and rescuers can’t find one resident.

Police in Quebec, Canada have one inmate back in custody after a brazen daylight prison break in a helicopter.  Another inmate is still at large.

Ten patients in Dandenong Hospital’s intensive care unit got more than they wanted in the facility, they were infected with what’s being called a “nightmare” drug-resistant “superbug”.

China’s transition of power is complete, and new President Xi Jinping is indicating that good relations and good business is going to take precedence in his decade at the helm.

The European Union and the Cypriot parliament are looking for ways to modify a bailout for the island’s banks after a run on ATMs and cash points basically cleaned them out.

Greece’s national soccer team is banning a player for life for giving a Nazi salute while celebrating a goal.  The Hellenic Football Federation says Giorgos Katidis’ gesture "is a deep insult to all victims of Nazi brutality."

A judge in Steubenville, Ohio found two High School Football stars guilty to raping a female acquaintance.  The crime outraged America because it was recorded on a cell phone video that was notoriously distributed around the Internet.

Pope Francis waded out into the crowd before delivering his first Angelus from the window at the Vatican to a crowd of thousands.  The former Jorge Mario Bergoglio shook hands and kissed babies just outside Saint Anna’s Gate.

A high profile defector says Syria's armed forces have encountered a serious problem in the 2-year civil war; Depositors say it’s unfair to be stuck with the tab for the EU’s bailout of Cyprus;  And two high-flyers make an AMAZING entrance to Rio de Janeiro, and we’ve got the video on the other side of the “read more” button.  Seriously, that's a heckuva ride:

Efforts to curb sexual violence in India are marred by a terrifying new attack; People on the receiving end of the E.U.’s latest bailout are doing what they can to protect their assets; and Barack Obama’s drone program comes under attack from the U.N.  Here’s the world news for your Saint Patrick’s Day morning:

Just because it's the weekend, news does not sleep:  Uncle Sam is adding some beef to its western defenses, a Roman Catholic Cardinal says something remarkably tone deaf about clergy sex abuse, and Ireland is in dire need of another visit by Saint Patrick to deal with the slithery menace on the green.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) conference in Bangkok has wrapped up with several key agreements in ending the trade in endangered species.

U.S. authorities are charging a man for conspiring with the hacker group “Anonymous” to get revenge on the former employer that fired him. 

At this point, does anyone in the U.K. actually know what’s really on the dinner plate?  Muslim leaders are not happy after tests found Pork DNA in supposedly Halal Chicken Sausages meant for little kids at a primary school in central London.

A California preschool teacher is under arrest and charged with Felony Child Endangerment for allegedly drugging her tiny students with the over-the-counter sleep aid “Sominex”.

As the developed world twiddles its fingers in the face of a rapidly warming World Environment, a new United Nations report says the changes can increase the number of people living in extreme poverty by 3 billion.  “A clean and safe environment should be seen as a right,” according to the report, “not a privilege.”

German police say they’ve broken up a plot by Islamic radicals to assassinate the leader of a far-right political party who taunted Muslims with comics of the prophet Muhammad.

There’s a new President in Beijing, South Africa faces a shocking health crisis, and a controversial leader is no longer likely to become a museum piece. 

India is forbidding the Italian Ambassador from leaving the country, in a row that might put New Delhi at odds with the Vienna Convention that protects Diplomats and their missions from harassment by host countries.

World powers appear to be lining up behind their chosen proxies in the 2 year old Syrian civil war, signaling a possible escalation in the conflict.