Papua New Guinea authorities are charging two people with accusing a woman of burning a woman alive because they claimed she was a witch.  The horrific murder was caught on video and uploaded to the Internet where it was millions around the world.

Armed robbers disguised as police pulled off a massive Diamond Heist at Brussels Airport in Belgium.  Broadcast reports say the gang made off with about $A50 Million in jewels.

You’d think a disease that killed only six people out of a planetary population of billions wouldn’t be such a nuisance.  But UK health officials are closely watching a new strain of Coronavirus that claimed its sixth victim.

The European Union is tightening economic sanctions on North Korea.  This, in reaction to this month’s nuclear bomb test seen by practically every nation on earth as a belligerent provocation.

America is weird.  Two brothers in the midwestern town of Wichita celebrated their winning lottery ticket by purchasing some Pot and Meth and blowing up the house.

President Hugo Chávez isn’t quite home yet, but he’s back in Venezuela after spending several weeks in Havana, Cuba for cancer treatment.  He’ll be treated at a military hospital in Caracas.

Not having had to deal with a papal retirement plan for a several hundred years has many wondering what the Vatican would do once Pope Benedict XVI steps down at the end of the month.  But il Papa won’t have to worry too much about making ends meet.

The founder of modern Singapore Lee Kuan Yew is back home after a stint in the hospital, where he was treated for an irregular heartbeat and "stroke-like symptoms."

Sapporo, Japan’s Hachikyo restaurant has a $20 special on "Tsukko Meshi,” which is a bowl of white rice topped with as much Salmon Roe as you want.  The catch is, you’d better actually want as much as you take!

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker says he won’t be joining his band in the upcoming Australian Tour, but you can’t exactly blame him.  He’s yet to get over his fear of flying.

Never a dull moment in the Land Up Over and to the Right.  A troubled country star’s story comes to a tragic end, a speedy racer finally has something to go with all that publicity, and Maker’s will go back to hitting the Mark (after a strong backlash from bourbon aficionados).

Israel’s Knesset will conduct an “intensive” investigation of why Melbourne native Ben Zygier was found hanged to death in his secret prison cell near Tel Aviv back in December 2010.

There are going to be some gory details after the click on “Read More”.  South African police have recovered a bloody cricket bat as a key piece of evidence in the case of Oscar Pistorius, accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Seriously?  We're discriminating with sandwiches now?  Nope, because the sandwich chain Subway quickly shut down one of its stores in France after the local shop advertised a Valentine’s Day special – for heterosexual couples only.

Britons are quickly turning away from ready-made meals and some are foregoing meat altogether in reaction to the discovery of horsemeat masquerading as the more palatable beef in the food supply chain.

UPDATE:  Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa has cruise to victory in this weekend’s election, winning what will be his final term with 57 percent of the vote.  The Leftist economist is praised for using Ecuador’s oil wealth to widen the social safety net for the poor

On his first Sunday mass since announcing his retirement, Pope Benedict XVI asked a crowd of more than 50,000 "I beg you to continue praying for me and for the next pope".

The social network colossus Facebook clicked its way to more than $1.1 Billion in profits in the year 2012.  You’d think that would in turn generate a lot of tax revenue for the government of the United States.  And, you’d be wrong.

The last student of Judo’s founding father has died in San Francisco.  99-year old Keiko Fukuda was also the world’s highest-ranking female in that Martial Art, recognized as “9th Dan” in Japan and “10th Dan” in America.

The Horsemeat Scandal galloping across Europe is every bit as much about profits as it is about trust in the food supply.  French investigators say one firm has corralled hundreds of thousands of profit by selling cheaper horsemeat as beef.

Thousands of protesters across Spain hit the streets on Saturday to condemn the growing number of home evictions in this economic crisis.  Four people are known to have committed suicide in response to eviction notices.