Happy Mother's Day Australia!! - There are deaths and serious injuries in a stabbing attack in Paris - North Korea wants Japan out of the peace process - The deaths of two cyclists in Mexico were not accidents, police finally admit - And more in your bouquet of CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Hello Australia!! - New details on the Margaret River Massacre - Malaysia's scandal-plagued ex-PM will have to stay and face the music - The Ayatollah trolls Trump - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Health officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo say one person has died in what appears to be a new outbreak of the very deadly and very contagious Ebola virus.

A Brisbane court ordered Linc Energy to pay a record fine of $4.5 Million for the "ecological vandalism" at its underground coal gasification plant at Chinchilla between 2007 and 2013.

Good Morning Australia!! - David Goodall ends his life with a powerful statement - Trump and Kim set a time and place - Iran and Israel forces in direct confrontation - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Amid shocking revelations of misconduct in the banking industry, the coalition's new budget slashes funding to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) by $26 Million and cuts its staffing by 30 workers.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) will conduct a public inquiry of SafeWorkSA after a number of complaints about the regulatory body were reported.

Good Morning Australia!! - The world races to clean-up the Orange Clown's mess - Bob Hawke's out of hospital - A major electoral upset in Malaysia - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

It's not even summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and an unusual heat wave at the North Pole is sending temperatures up to the melting point.

The High Court has ruled that Labor Senator Katy Gallagher isn't eligible to serve because she didn't renounce her British citizenship in time for the 2016 election.  Four other MPs stood down because of the decision.

Good Morning Australia!! - Under Trump, the US goes back on its word and pulls out of the Iran Nuclear Deal - Iran keeps cool while the world appeals for calm - Armenia's opposition leader wins the job he sought - Nazi Grandma is going to prison - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner apologized to the LGBTI community for "state-sanctioned discrimination"and the laws that "criminalised love and attraction".

Good Morning Australia!! - Bob Hawke is in hospital - Boris takes it to the only place he's sure Trump will see it - The bravest bride in the world - And much more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

New South Wales plans to set aside thousands of hectares of land at a $45 Million program to protect threatened Koalas.

The Federal Government is adding the Whooping Cough Vaccine to the National Immunisation Schedule - meaning it will be free for all pregnant women from July.

Good Morning Australia!! - Iran and North Korea issue warnings to the US - Trump's nominee to head the CIA faces a raucous confirmation process - Will France blow up its own national airline to win a war on workers? - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Good Morning Australia!! - Police arrest Putin's biggest rival - America lost some plutonium - Cancer kills an Aussie actor - NASA goes back to Mars - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Hello Australia!! - US Marines back up Australia against China - Hawaiians flee a volcano's spitting lava flow - A Palestinian leaders starts talking like a crazy drunk uncle - And more in your CareerSpot Global News Briefs:

Tesla shares sank after CEO Elon Musk bit the capitalist hand that feeds the company, chafing at "boring" questions and lashing out at day traders.

US prosecutors filed charges against Volkswagen's former chief executive officer Martin Winterkorn in the scandal of VW cars programmed to cheat on government diesel emissions tests.

A US news network is reporting that China has installed cruise missiles on the military bases it built on reefs and islets in the South China Sea that were also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan.