The European Parliament has overwhelmingly approved a ban on single-use plastics such as straws, plates, cutlery and cotton-swab sticks in Europe over the next few years.

As the White House rejected calls for Donald Trump to tone down his inflammatory rhetoric, investigators confirmed the existence of more pipe bombs sent to the targets of Trump's tirades.

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An Australian start-up is gearing up to create a network of super-fast charging stations for electric cars.

At least six "medically fragile" children died in an outbreak of adenovirus at a New Jersey hospital for young patients with "severely compromised immune systems".

A UK fracking site has halted operations after seismic activity was detected.  This happened only about a week after fracking resumed in the country for the first time since 2011.

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Scientists have for the first time found microplastic particles in human stool samples, suggesting that the food chain is contaminated with plastic.

The Federal Government plans to invest billions of dollars into road improvements, which is good news for businesses that depend on smooth and efficient connections between Australia's agricultural and mining regions to ports, airports and other transport hubs.

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The inventors of a device that can pull enough clean drinking water for 100 people per day out of the air will receive a prize significantly higher than than the cost of producing their water - less than two cents per liter.

Although a study showed that a new immunotherapy drug combined with traditional chemotherapy showed promise against an aggressive form of breast cancer, it may not be enough to justify its use.

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In 1992, Francis Fukuyama was so confident that Soviet Communism's defeat had left the Capitalism and Democracy as the last social theory standing, that he wrote an infamous book declaring "The End of History".

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The former managing director of the ABC Michelle Guthrie has filed an unfair dismissal claim against her former employer with the Fair Work Commission.

Activists opposed to Women's Reproductive Rights are vowing to target Queensland lawmakers who voted to legalise abortion and erase the 119-year old part of the state constitution that was written before women could legally vote.

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A high level international commission of world and political leaders is trying to rebuild the momentum towards battling climate change, momentum that was destroyed by Donald Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Deal.