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If you don't live your life a quarter mile at a time but got fined because of one of Western Australia's new mobile speed cameras, you'll probably be interested to know WA Police are now reviewing thousands of infringements.

The Mayor of Ipswich, Andrew Antoniolli, is standing down after Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) charged him with fraud.  The Ipswich council is to be sacked.

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WhatsApp co-founder and Facebook board member Jan Koum is leaving the company after leaked reports of clashes over Facebook's plans to use WhatsApp users' personal data and weaken its encryption.

A company which specializes in delivery robots envisions a fleet of a thousand units running in and around the British capital delivering groceries and hot meals.

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A Melbourne magistrate has ruled that there is enough evidence for Cardinal George Pell to stand trial for historic sexual abuses, although the most serious charges have been dropped.

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AMP chair Catherine Brenner has resigned, becoming the third company executive to exit over revelations AMP charged customers fees for unperformed services.

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd has abruptly resigned in the scandal over the country's illegal and unnecessarily nasty treatment of immigrants from Commonwealth countries.

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Victorian regulators have slapped a $300,000 fine on Australia's biggest casino for tampering with its slot machines to limit betting options.

AMP could face criminal penalties for misleading the corporate regulator ASIC about its practice of charging customers for services that were never delivered.

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The Greens hope to pressure the Federal Government to adopt a plan to tackle Australia's recycling crisis and prevent the industry's collapse.

The White House appears to have been caught unprepared after a series of damaging allegations against the orange clown Donald Trump's pick to head the Veterans Administration.

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A Chinese state-run company is moving ahead with clearing the forest that makes up the home of the newly discovered eighth species of Great Ape in Indonesia.