The former CEO of the US bank Wells Fargo has agreed to a lifetime ban from ever working at a bank again and to pay millions of dollars in fines for his role in scandals in which millions of fake accounts were set up to meet sales quotas.

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Three firefighters from the United States have been killed in the crash of a Lockheed C-130 Hercules air tanker in the Snowy Monaro area of New South Wales, where it was battling an aggressive bushfire.

The highly conservative state of Utah in America's west has become the 19th to ban so-called "conversion therapy", the discredited practice of trying to change a patient's sexual orientation.

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Prosecutors in Brazil filed new charges against the former CEO of mining giant Vale and 15 others with murder and environmental crimes over the deadly collapse of a tailings dam at a mine in Minas Gerais state.

While Chinese health officials announced a sharp increase in the number of people infected and killed by a new coronavirus that causes respiratory illness, Queensland officials say a man there is out of the woods.

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The Australian Competition Commission (ACCC) is doing a victory dance after the Federal Court ruled against Trivago for misleading consumers about hotel room rates on both its website and television advertisements.

Malaysia is sending back 150 shipping containers of illegally imported garbage from the countries that sent it over including France, the UK, the United States, Canada and others.

Health officials in Queensland are monitoring a man who traveled to Wuhan City in China and is now displaying symptoms of respiratory illness associated with the troublesome new coronavirus causing global concern.

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Engand's National Health Service (NHS) is declaring war on cervical cancer with a goal of eliminating it through vaccines and better screening for the HPV virus that causes most of the world's cases.

Health officials in China are confirming 139 new infections of that baffling new coronavirus that first popped up in Wuhan city, and raising the death toll to three lives lost.

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Australian shares rode the tide of low interest rates and a US trade deal with China to reach record highs this week, but the experts are warning of volatile times ahead.

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An appeals court in Turin, Italy has linked brain tumors to mobile phone use - despite the concensus of most scientists who say that's just not the truth.

Workers at the biggest cannabis growing facility located outside of Chicago, Illinois voted overwhelmingly to unionize in the first key win for organized labor in the state's brand-new legalized pot industry.